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Bohemia (Wallenstein) (Brave New World) 1.0

Adds the Bohemia civilization to the game under the feared Wallenstien.

  1. Porkenstein
    Bohemia under Wallenstein is a heavily military and Gold-focused civ whose truest opportunity for advancement arrives in the renaissance era with the unlocking of both unique units. If he is able to achieve a strong Gold income by the unlocking of Gunpowder, Wallenstein can leap upon the world stage with an army as large as he can afford. His policy of war contributions gains extra Gold from conquered cities at the cost of their Growth, both of which can be an advantage to a wide empire that may want to avoid the extra unhappiness generated from populous puppet cities.

    UA - Bellum se ipsum alet:

    Purchased melee units plunder Gold when attacking cities and can pillage without spending movement points. Puppeted and occupied cities have -30% Growth, +50% Gold per turn while at war with a landed empire.

    UU - Black Rider:

    Unique Bohemian Cavalry. Weaker and costs less Production than Cavalry, but available with Gunpowder. Can move after being purchased.

    UU - Mercenary:

    Alternate Musketman which does not replace any unit. May not be produced with production, and only Bohemia may purchase it. 50% [ICON_GOLD] Gold cost reduction, can only be purchased. Can move after being purchased.

    Supported Mods:
    - Bingle's Civ IV Leader Traits
    - BrutalSamurai's Ethnic Units
    - Gedemon's R.E.D.
    - Gedemon's YnAEMP
    - Hazel's Map Labels
    - Tomatekh's Medieval Heresies (Historical Religions) for Hussitism, of course

    Thanks to JFD for lua references, Zwei833 for unit art, and Wikipedia for the fluff. Special thanks for the peace music to Krystof Harant, a Czech composer who was captured by Wallenstein and executed in 1620.


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    Version: 1.0
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