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Boudica of Iceni (v7) - for NiGHTS (v12.0) 2016-10-05

Boudica of Iceni (v7) - for NiGHTS (v12.0)

  1. Karantaner
    This MOD adds the Iceni Celts with Boudica as Leader to NiGHTS.

    This Civilization was originally created by Derek "Kael" Paxton. I have adopted it in order to make it compatibel with the NiGHTS MOD of Markus Beutel. Semprini helped me a great deal with some new art (unit icons, map).

    Civilization: Iceni (Celtic)
    Leader: Boudia
    Trait: Battle Fury: Melee units can make 2 attacks per round, and land military units receive a +30% discount on maintenance costs.
    UU: Sons of Morrigan
    UB: Dun

    Compatibel with the lastest version of NiGHTS (v12.0) and CIV 5 (

    v7: required for latest CIV 5 version
    v6: fixed some minor issues; made sure that unit graphics for Sons of Morrigan are loaded properly
    v5: corrected some bugs (Governors Mansion was not correct in latest version!)
    v4: required for NiGHTS v.11.52; new icons and graphics
    v3: required for NiGHTS v11.4: UU Gaelic Warrior replaced with UB Dun


    1. celts_iceni_BO3.jpg
    2. 2012_02_02_00001_l2K.jpg