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Bowines: Bison & Brahmin 2016-10-05

Bowines: Bison & Brahmin

  1. Refar
    Tha animated Ressources for Exotic Bowines.

    The two headed Brahmin are the principal domesticated farm animal in the world of Fallout games. They added a lot to the athmosphere there. On occasion you could see a farmer who would complain: "Oh, i had a totally freaky Brahmin born on my farm. It just had one head..."

    Should fit in other settings, where mutations are feasible, as well.


    Also while i was at it, reshaped the cow a bit to make Bison - i think a few people had requested one.

    The Release Thread:


    1. bowines_k5o.jpg
    2. brahmin_preview_FSj.jpg
    3. bison_preview_Lp3.jpg