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Brazil All Uniques (for Civilization 6) 1.01 alpha

Brazil All Uniques provides Pedro and the Brazilian civilization with all uniques

  1. Vietnam & Kublai Khan Pack

    Added Vietnam & Kublai Khan Pack uniques.

    Vietnam's district terrain bonuses do not work.
    Babylon's Ninu Ilu Sirum (free first building in each district type) does not work for unique districts.
    Various cosmetic/UI inconsistencies.
  2. New Frontier Pass

    Here's the new version of BAU. I've merged some of the conflicting districts/buildings and removed some of the maluses/extra requirements that made some uniques less desirable than their vanilla counterparts. Please try it out and let me know what you think.
  3. Summer Patch + Nubia

    Adds Nubia uniques and makes the mod compatible with the latest version of the game.
  4. Persia and Macedon DLC

    Adds Persia and Macedon uniques.
  5. Film Studio no longer invisible on Acropolis

    This one wasn't as ugly as the exclamation marks, but the Film Studio building was invisible on the Acropolis district. This should make all unique building-unique district pairings work.
  6. Fixes BIG RED EXCLAMATIONS in districts.

    All district+building graphics should be working fine now. Please let me know if you encounter any bugs.
  7. Fix for game load

  8. Version 0.4 - adds Australian civ's uniques

  9. Added Poland/Jadwiga uniques

    Version 0.3 - Added Poland/Jadwiga uniques
  10. Hopefully initial *working* version

    Sorry about the mixup on the first release, this version should be working. Please let me know if you encounter problems.