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Britannia Map 2018-12-14

Huge Map of the British Isles and Northern Francia

  1. Bryce3
    This is a map I've been working on for a while, including the Isle of Great Britain (England, Scotland, Wales) and Ireland.
    Start plots and resources are randomised. Jungle represents marsh/wetland, whilst tundra is moorland, etc.
    It is 64x102 tiles. Uncompressed size

    Great Britain is mainly accurate south of the Great Glen, although northern Scotland is a little squished in order to allow navigation , and I'm not sure how well Ireland came out - if anyone has suggestions on how to improve it, I'd be happy to update the resource.

    Right now this is playable as a standalone, although I am in the process of planning a mod around it.
    Spoiler Map of Britannia :