[BtS] 2032 AD 2016-10-05

[BtS] 2032 AD

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    The year is 2032 AD. The United States has collapsed, and with it Canada and Mexico and any restraint for hell on Earth. Britain has been conquered by the Russian Empire, and tyranny engulfs Europe as an anti-Russian fascist dictator conquers Western Europe, Southern Europe, the Balkans, and Arabia. The Far East has succumbed to the new Communist league, Eastasia. With many nuclear leaders willing to push "the button", it appears that hope is lost in the world. Or is it?

    Take charge of a nation and spread your vision of the world of 2032. Take command of the Dan Edalian Company in the west as it begins reuniting North America under the greatest corporation the world has seen. Finish the war between Challoan of the Reman Empire in Europe, or Putin II of Russia. Launch nukes from Eastasia. Or take charge of the United Nations Alliance, the last bastion of democracy, headed by the brilliant woman known merely as Jessica.

    What does your future look like?

    The civilizations on the map are as follows (* means playable civ):

    The Russian Empire*
    The Reman Empire*
    The United Nations Alliance*
    Dan Edalian Company*
    The Confederate States of America
    The American Federated States
    The Pacific Republic
    The Alaskan Republic
    The Hawaiian Republic
    The Australian Free State
    The North African Union
    The Columbian Empire

    This scenario is included in a mod (playable without the scenario) and uses a 40-civ DLL. The mod includes Next War and other civs and leaders. At the moment, there is no credits list:blush:. I'll come out with one as soon as I can. Realize that a lot of the skins were done by me, but otherwise there is credit to be given. If you want recognition, holler. I'll post you ASAP. (To get started, thanks for leaderheads Ekmek, and Lokulus for the map).


    The American Theater:

    The European Theater:

    The Middle East:

    The African Theater:

    The Indian Theater:

    The Asian Theater:

    The Oceanian Theater:

    The South American Theater:

    The Dan Edalian Assault:

    Diplomacy with North Africa:

    New Reman Units:


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