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BTS 3.17 Unofficial Patch 0.21 (Standard Version) 2016-10-05

BTS 3.17 Unofficial Patch 0.21 (Standard Version)

  1. Dresden
    BTS 3.17 Unofficial Patch 0.21

    This is a modification of the core DLL for the game Civiliztion 4: Beyond the Sword. It is a community effort to add fixes and improvements beyond the latest Official patch release with intent to fix obvious bugs but not drastically alter gameplay.

    Dedicated Forum: http://forums.civfanatics.com/forumdisplay.php?f=299
    Sourceforge Project: http://sourceforge.net/projects/civ4btspatch/

    Forum-friendly version of the Readme:

    Spoiler :
    Beyond the Sword 3.17 Unofficial Patch

    Version 0.21

    CivFanatics Forum: http://forums.civfanatics.com/forumdisplay.php?f=299
    SourceForge Project: http://sourceforge.net/projects/civ4btspatch/

    This is an update to the Unofficial Patch originally created by Solver.
    This version was developed by Dresden with help from other CFC members.

    Source is included but contains only those files which have changed from
    the official 3.17 release. All changes should be documented in the code.
    The Makefile provided is a slightly-altered version of the 3.17 Makefile
    provided by Refar with his Visual Studio debugging setup instructions.
    Ref: http://forums.civfanatics.com/downloads.php?do=file&id=10018

    Changes from version 0.19.1
    Spoiler :

    Changes between version 0.19.1 and version 0.19
    Spoiler :

    Changes between 0.19 and the Official 3.17 patch (order is bottom to top):
    Spoiler :
    • AI plane/ship retreating logic when city is in danger extended to Forts
    • Vassal's spies no longer caught in master's territory
    • AI logic on banning nukes tweaked to account for AI leader personality and the global situation
    • Undid galley production changes from Better BtS AI (see **)
    • Non-native collateral damage tweaked (thanks guys)
    • Civilopedia will now display "replaced by" lines for buildings that get replaced by UBs
    • AI guided missiles will lean towards destroying resource-producing tiles as opposed to improvements like Towns
    • Damaged AI attack planes may choose to continue attacking if no defending interceptors are around
    • Rivers running through deserts will result in floodplains
    • Start location tweaks per SevenSpirits
      CvGame::normalizeAddExtras(); CvGame::normalizeAddFoodBonuses()
    • Workers not as lazy, per Bhruic's patch
    • Glance screen reactivated
      (Python) CvExoticForeignAdvisor.py
    • AI will no longer settle Great People in cities that are in danger of being captured
    • AI will try to retreat air assets from endangered cities
      CvUnitAI::AI_attackAirMove(); CvUnitAI::AI_defenseAirMove()
    • AI will no longer refuse to retreat damaged planes
    • AI will change civics during Golden Ages
    • Revised collateral damage formula for non-native collateral units, if modded in
    • Fixed bug in the map generator with water starts
    • AI may now try to use Warlords to create super-medic units
      CvUnitAI::AI_promotionValue(); CvUnitAI::AI_lead()
    • Fixed bug that prevented random events that target a unit from triggering
      CvPlayer::pickTriggerUnit(); CvUnit::getTriggerValue()
    • Access to the Barrage line removed from armored units. If units with access to Barrage and no inherent collateral damage are modded in, they will work.
      (XML) CvPromotionInfos.xml
    • Fixed AI defender bug for newly captured cities.
    • ** Fixed overproduction of transports in land wars courtesy of better BtS AI team.
    • Made the AI more likely to use missiles on cruisers/subs to strike against enemy improvements.
    • Made AI ships prioritize retreating if docked in a city which is in the danger of imminent capture by enemy.
      CvUnitAI::AI_attackSeaMove(); CvUnitAI::AI_reserveSeaMove(); CvUnitAI::AI_escortSeaMove();
      CvUnitAI::AI_exploreSeaMove(); CvUnitAI::AI_carrierSeaMove(); CvUnitAI::AI_missileCarrierSeaMove()
    • Civilopedia and mouseover help for units that cause collateral damage will now show the collateral damage limit (50% for Catapults, etc.)
      CvGameTextMgr::setUnitHelp(); CvGameTextMgr::setBasicUnitHelp()
    • Somewhat experimental AI change: Aggressive AI now considerably less likely to want peace if it poses more of an immediate threat to enemy cities than it currently faces itself.
    • Fixed unavailability of foreign civ demographics if playing with espionage disabled.
      (Python) CvInfoScreen.py
    • Barrage promotions made working again on Tanks and other units with no base collateral ability

    Special thanks to DanF5771 for investigating, code suggestions, and testing. Also thanks to ViterboKnight, jdog5000, ruff_hi, and EmperorFool for providing fixes and the many other community members who reported bugs and/or provided saves demonstrating problems.

    Note: An installer for this is also available, courtesy of grumbler.