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[BtS] American Civil War beta 2016-10-05

[BtS] American Civil War beta

  1. Shiggs713
    This is the beginning of what will be the American Civil War mod, for BtS 3.19

    It is a full conversion mod, changing several rules, tech tree, religions, civics, civs, units, well pretty much everything! Each civ has its own unit art style and there are many unit arts that are featured only in American Civil War mod. Almost everything is done except adding some more buildings, finishing setting up the map, and creating lots of events, though some of that process has already been started. Much more unit art will be added too eventually, but that is a bit lower on the to do list.

    Main Mod Thread, Development Thread

    American Civil War features RevolutionDCM which also includes:

    Revolutions (SDK, Python, XML)
    Dales Combat Mod (SDK, XML)
    Influence Driven War (SDK, XML)
    Revolution Inquisitions (Python, XML)
    Super Spies (SDK, XML)
    BUG, BULL Mod (Python, XML)
    WoC Mod (SDK, Python, XML)
    Better BTS AI (SDK)

    so thanks to all those creators as well.

    American Civil War also includes several mod components from killmeplease:

    Commanders (SDK, Python, XML)
    Defender Withdrawal (SDK)
    Occasional Promotions (SDK)

    Install Instructions:

    1)Make sure you are patched to BtS 3.19
    2)Remove any previous version of American Civil War. Some files were removed so you really need to do that to make it work right.
    3)Download the American Civil War.zip and extract the contents to your C:/.../Program Files/.../Beyond the Sword/Mods folder
    4)Drag the "Launch American Civil War" shortcut to your desktop (its in the main ACW directory)
    5)if civilization is installed to your C:\Program Files (x86)\ directory just click and play
    6) otherwise right click on the shortcut, click properties and change the target to where \...\Mods\American Civil War is installed
    7)or if steps 4,5, and 6 are too much trouble just launch civ and select it like you would any other mod.

    - Revolutions are currently disabled, the succession will be hard-coded more than likely, but I may enable revolutions later on if I decide to go more into detail for the Maximilian Affair in Mexico. Most of the stuff that has been declared buggy or un-balanced is still turned off, but all options are free to change at your own risk in the revolutions.ini

    - Known Bugs - None other than anything minor associated with RevDCM. Small graphical bug with the Camp unit, it will be fixed. Also all the unit art is not set up, but please let me know if you see something wrong, other than a default graphic.

    - The mod is not complete! Still need to balance many things, and add more content!
    You can help with suggestions and bug checking.

    - The Scenario is not complete! This is only released to help debug/finish it!
    You can help with suggestions and by providing historical info.

    If any Civil War experts, python guru's, or unit/building modelers would like to join the team please contact me.


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