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[BtS] CIV Gold 4.0 (Final) 2016-10-05

[BtS] CIV Gold 4.0 (Final)

  1. Wyz_sub10
    CIV Gold 4.0 for Beyond the Sword

    NOTE: Patch to version 4.1 available here.

    CIV Gold is a civilizations mod for Civ4 that combines some of the most popular user-created civilizations, while applying standards for graphics and content across the board. It can be used as a standalone mod to give users more options in their games, or it can be used by mod-makers to add a “plug-and-play” civ component to their projects.

    With CIV Gold we are attempting to create the “definitive” civ add-on for users and mod-makers, alike. This pack is meant to be focused, complete, and comprehensive.


    Aborigines, Ainu, Albania, Anishnaabek, Aniyonega, Argentina, Armenia, Assyria, Australia, Austria
    Baktria, Batavii, Bolivarian, Brazil, Bulgaria, Buryat
    Canada, Chile, Congo, Croatia, Cuba, Czech-Slovak
    Denmark, Dinnehih
    Galatia, Getai, Goths
    Harappan, Hitties
    Indonesia, Ireland, Iroquois, Israel, Italy
    Kanem-Bornu, Khoisan, Kushans
    Majapahit, Mande, Masaai, Maghreb, Magyar, Malagasy, Maori, Mexico, Minoa, Mutapa
    New Zealand, Nigeria, Ni-Mii-Pu, Nubian
    Olmec, Oxus
    Pakistan, Phoenicia, Picts, Piliwni, Poland, Polynesia
    Sami, Scotland, Scythia, Seleukeia, Siam, Sioux, Somalia, South Africa, Sweden
    Tibet, Tillikum, Togo, Toltec, Troy, Tupi
    Ukraine, Upaajut, Uyghur
    Vedic, Vietnam, Vo'estaneo'o
    Wales, West Indies
    Yangshao, Yanomami, Yemen

    NEW LEADERS (Firaxis Civs):

    Babylon: Nebuchadrezzar II
    Byzantium: Basil
    Carthage: Massasina, Dido
    China: Kangxi
    Greece: Phillip II, Leonidas
    Egypt: Cleopatra
    England: Henry VIII
    Ethiopia: Selassie
    France: Joan of Arc, Richelieu
    HRE: Charles V
    Japan: Hirohito
    Khmer: Suryavarman
    Korea: Sejong
    Netherlands: Wilhelmina
    Portugal: Afonso I
    Rome: Marcus Aurelius
    Russia: Lenin, Ivan IV
    Spain: Franco
    Vikings: Canute
    Zulu: Cetshwayo

    NOTE: This version replaces 3.0, due to several edits, fixes and additions.