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[BtS] CIV Gold 4.0 - patch v2 2016-10-05

[BtS] CIV Gold 4.0 - patch v2

  1. Wyz_sub10
    This is a must-have for users of CIV Gold 4.0. It contains numerous fixes and makes several updates to art work.

    NOTE - some changes were made to the initial patch. Please re-download if you originally downloaded this prior to 3:45 Eastern Time on April 2.

    - text correction Harappan/Priest King
    - text correction Tupi/Tomoio
    - text correction Ukraine/Sviatoslav
    - LH fix Poland/Sobieski
    - LH fix Poland/Casimir
    - text correction Ainu
    - text correction Austria/Franz
    - updated Chile cities list
    - added missing diplo texts
    - dependency correction Harappan/Priest King
    - dependency correction Mexico/Charreada
    - dependency correction Mande/Poro
    - text correction Armenia/Andranik
    - text correction Anishnaabek/Ogichidaa
    - dependency correction Czech/Legion
    - text correction Czech/Vysilac
    - text correction Charles V
    - artstyle fix Buryat
    - artstyle fix Harappan
    - artstyle fix Oxus
    - artstyle fix Sami
    - artstyle fix Vedic
    - updated multiple linked sounds
    - fixed EDC artstyles
    - LH fix Phoenicia/Hiram
    - clean-up roaming chars
    - color fix Toltec
    - changed Denmark flag and flag button
    - fixed typo WestIndies city
    - changed UB name Harappan/Indus Sewer
    - changed UB name Piliwni/Peyote
    - LH art update Baktria/Diodotus
    - LH art update Seleukia/Seleucus
    - LH art update Rome/Marcus Aurelius
    - LH added Dinnehih/Narbona
    - LH added Maghreb/Idris
    - LH added Mande/Sunni
    - LH art update Nebuchadrezzar
    - LH art update Austria/Franz