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[BtS] Civ of the Week: Sardinia 2016-10-05

I wanted to test one of SabiotLieh's LHs, so here is Sardinia. Also, this is the first time I'm trying one of veBear's world map screenshots, which are pretty cool.


The 3 Guarantees of Civ of the Week

Civ of the Week guarantees three things that other custom civs usually don't have:

- Unique Diplomacy Music for the leaders
- Unique personalities for new leaders (i.e. leader personality isn't an exact copy of an old one!)
- Unique civilization (civs are almost always somewhat obscure but interesting cultures that have never been presented as civs before!)

What is Civ of the Week?

Spoiler :
Civ of the Week is a “project” aiming at bringing you a new, fresh, exotic, and most of all, random, civ every 1-2 weeks, from all corners of the globe, from the Vietnamese to the Mittanni to the Iraqis. Each civilization features full civilopedia text entires, 1-2 leaders with unique game and diplomatic attitudes (they're not simply a copy of another leader!), a UU, a UB, unique diplomacy music, and full graphics.

The purpose of Civ of the Week, then, is three-fold:

1. To bring you random civs that would probably not have been chosen as civilizations first of all, and to provide a new, more exotic, more interesting experience in choosing civilizations.

2. To promote more knowledge of lesser-known peoples, cultures, and histories.

3. Make more civs for the totally awesome Civ Gold mod.

Otherwise, then, enjoy!

Statistics and Information for Sardinia:

Spoiler :

[FONT=&quot]Leader(s):[/FONT][FONT=&quot] Eleanor of Arborea (Organized, Charismatic)

UU: Sardi Pelliti (Swordsman) +50% hills attack

UB: Nuraghe (Courthouse) +2 culture[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]Starting Techs:[/FONT][FONT=&quot] Fishing, Mining[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]Credits:[/FONT][FONT=&quot] SabiotLieh (LH), The Capo (Unit), Hrochland (Building)[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]Description: [/FONT]Archaeological evidence of prehistoric human settlement on Sardinia island is present in the form of the nuraghe which dot the land. The recorded history of Sardinia begins with its contacts with the various people who sought to dominate western Mediterranean trade in Classical Antiquity: the Egyptians, Phoenicians, and Romans. Initially under the political and economic alliance with the Phoenician cities, it was colonised and then conquered by Rome during the First Punic War (238 BC) but strong Punic cultural influences remained until the 1st century AD. In the Early Middle Ages, through barbarian movements and the waning of Roman (by this time Byzantine) authority, the island fell out of the sphere of influence of any higher government. Saracen raids provided an impetus for the creation of independent quasi-royal giudicati in the 8th through 10th centuries. Falling under papal influence, Sardinia becomes the focus of the rivalry of Genoa and Pisa and finally of the local population and the Crown of Aragon, which subsumed the island as the Kingdom of Sardinia in (1324), which was to last until 1720 when it was acquired by the House of Savoy, which later, in 1861, became the Kingdom of Italy and finally the Republic of Italy. It has since become an autonomous state within Italy, and today Sardinia is phasing in as an EU region, with a diversified economy focused on tourism and the tertiary sector. The economic efforts of the last twenty years have reduced the handicap of insularity, especially in the fields of low-cost air travel and advanced information technology.

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