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[BTS] Community Civ V [CCV] 2016-10-05

[BTS] Community Civ V [CCV]

  1. Thomas SG
    Community Civ V - CCV
    for BTS 3.19

    Current Version: 4.40 (upload 15.02.2011)

    PATCH 4.40 D (upload 22.06.2011)

    Latest Version: -

    The Goal:

    This mod is no attempt to bring the features of the official Civ V to Civ IV BTS. For sure not! Quite the contrary!

    It's more that what many of us, especially civ veterans like me, expected Civ V to become. CCV tries to improve Civilization 4 like Warlords and BTS did. This mod improves the game in many details but doesn't change the game concept at all. Lots of the new stuff can be run optional. To customize the game press CTRL+ALT+O or simply use one of the new buttons in the upper left corner and go "Optional".

    The Mods:

    The Community Civ V contains numerous of mods that have been written by fantastic modders here in the forum and also by myself. Most of the mods in CCV are modified, improved or updated versions of the original mods to make them work perfect with all the stuff in CCV. So don't be surprised if a well known mod may be a bit different in CCV from what you know. And even don't be surprised if you find mods in CCV that you have never seen in the forum before. Most of the mods I have written myself were never published as standalones. You may just know some of them from earlier versions of CCV.

    The Translations:

    The mod works best on German and English language setting. Other translations are incomplete.

    The Future:

    I myself dislike the official Civ V. So CCV has got a future. I'll stay here for a long time and I can promise you that I still got a lot of ideas and plans for CCV. And if you like the mod and if you got ideas - post them in the forum! Comments are always welcome.


    Thanks to all mod makers and artists here in the forum. You all are doing a fantastic job. Please have a look at the links below and the feature descriptions. Special thanks to my voluntary helpers and the RevDCM team because CCV is build upon it. Great job!



    1. Download the basic mod version

    2. Download if available patches to the basic mod version

    3. Install the basic mod version on your computer (the installer should attempt to help you out here)

    4. Install patches if available for the basic mod version

    5. If you are using Vista or Windows 7, Either turn off your UAC or Right-Click on your Civilization 4 Beyond the Sword or the created Community Civ V shortcut, enter the properties menu, and under the "Compatibility" tab, select "Run As Administrator".

    6a. Launch BTS, load Community Civ V and play!

    6b. Use the created Community Civ V shortcut on your desktop and play!

    The CCV forum

    Please visit the CCV forum for more information or discussion.

    Known issues and bug reports

    Please visit the German or the English bug thread for information.


    :gold: Pay Pal Donations :gold: to Th.Peltri at gmx.de


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