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[BtS]Field Test: Phi/Ind Leaders 2016-10-05

[BtS]Field Test: Phi/Ind Leaders

  1. A_Hamster
    This mod adds a leader (Shah Jahan) to India, and a new civilization, Palmyra, lead by Zenobia. Both leaders are Phi/Ind. The idea is to test the Firaxis assertion that Phi/Ind is too powerful a trait combo. The Palmyra civilization does not have an UB or UU, so the power of the trait combo can be tested without any bias from either an UB or UU. There are no other gameplay changes.

    Installation: Unzip the mod into your BtS mods folder. Upon starting BtS, select "Advanced" from the Main Menu, then "Load a mod."

    Post saying there is no data to prove or disprove the Firaxis statement.


    1. zenobia_adp.jpg
    2. shah_jahan_i_WKh.jpg