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[BtS] Gondor Third Age Unit Pack 2.0

[BtS] Gondor Third Age Unit Pack

  1. topsecret
    My very first unit pack. Hope you enjoy using the soldiers of Gondor to fight back Sauron and his orcs. :)

    Civ4ScreenShot0305.JPG Civ4ScreenShot0306.JPG

    UPDATE (11/12/2020):
    Here's a unit pack containing 34 Gondor units from Middle-earth.

    These units are for my Middle-earth Mod. Feel free to use these in whatever mod you'd like, and I would love to hear about it if you do.

    Discussion Thread

    Units (34) included are:
    Spoiler :

    Gondor Warrior (ambrox62/Chuggi)
    Gondor Axeman
    Gondor Heavy Axeman
    Gondor Footman
    Gondor Heavy Footman
    Gondor Spearman
    Gondor Heavy Spearman
    Gondor Pikeman
    Gondor Swordsman
    Gondor Longswordsman
    Gondor Infantry
    Gondor Heavy Infantry
    Gondor Militia
    Gondor Archer
    Gondor Marksman
    Gondor Longbowman
    Gondor Crossbowman
    Gondor Composite Bowman
    Gondor Shortbowman
    Gondor Scout
    Gondor Mounted Scout
    Gondor Hunter
    Gondor Tracker
    Gondor Light Cavalry
    Gondor Horse Archer
    Gondor Heavy Horse Archer
    Gondor Heavy Cavalry
    Gondor Knight
    Gondor Lancer
    Gondor Mounted Infantry
    Gondor Cataphract
    Gondor Sapper
    Gondor Besieger
    Guards of the Citadel (by fromAustria)

    XML and buttons are (as usual) included. Just paste these guys in your Art/Units folder and choose the unit art they replace. :cool: You will have to move the buttons folder to the correct place.

    fromAustria created the Guards of the Citadel unit from one of my original units. He deserves credit for that one. :)

    Rabbit, White
    Walter Hawkwood


    1. civ4screenshot0229_y0v.jpg
    2. civ4screenshot0230_5c9.jpg
    3. civ4screenshot0231_bm3.jpg
    4. Civ4ScreenShot0310.JPG
    5. Civ4ScreenShot0313.JPG

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  1. tantanmen
    Version: 2.0
    Civ4 + LotR + topsecret = peak gaming experience. Thank you topsecret!