[BtS] Henry VIII 2016-10-05

[BtS] Henry VIII

  1. Wyz_sub10
    This is Henry VIII from CIV Gold 4.0

    I made this using a base model created by Ekmek, then screwing round with skinning and some props.

    It's not a true-to-life Henry VIII, but it's one of the better LH that I've done (I'm no C.Roland or bernie14) so I thought I'd add it.

    NOTE: This is not modular "as is", but I have included the XML so it can be made modular.

    To make it modular, you will have the change the civilizationinfos.xml entry for England, and add a Diplomacy.xml entry for him.

    I used Canterbury Cathedral for the background.


    1. henry_viii_e7Q.jpg