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BTS Heroes (Wonder Units) 2016-10-05


This is a small component that adds "Heroes" to the BTS v3.17.21
Heroes are defined as "Wonder Units". On the world level they can only be built once (in some instances more than once) per game. This is the same concept as the World Wonders.
This may seem familiar. The concept is present in a number of Mods including FFH2.


18 Heroes

2 Promotions
These will be used by the Heroes.

1 Building
Museum Ship - This is a building that the Hero Age of Sail units can build once they have passed their usefulness.

A new page in the pedia has been added for the Heroes. They will not appear with the regular units.

90% of this Mod is in Modules. One can easily remove units one does not wish to use. This Mod should merge fairly easily with existing Mods. The only non-modular files are the new Promotions and the Python Changes.

The changes in python were marked with beginning and ending tags (those I could remember anyway). I suggest using WinMerge when merging those non-module files.

Thread to Discuss!

To Do:
More heroes (ideas are welcome).
Visuals: I would like to clean up the appearance. Improve buttons and such

FFH2 and WoL Team for the initial inspiration.

Artists: Aranor, snafussmith, bakuel, FFH2 Team, Fireaxis

Special Thanks to tsentom1 for his assitance with python, in additon to some excellent code that has/will be used. If you havent, you should thank Tom for his contributions to the community.
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