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[BtS] Hungary v6.01 for Varietas Delectat and QC 2016-10-05

[BtS] Hungary v6.01 for Varietas Delectat and QC

  1. avain

    [BtS] Hungary mod v6.01 for Varietas Delectat

    Check forum thread at: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?p=6081236#post6081236

    Unique Unit - Huszár Cavalry (Cuirassier)
    Str: 11, free Commando and Sentry promotions, better withdrawal and first strike chances

    Unique Building - University of Science (University)
    Unique graphics for Végvár(Castle), Monument(Turul statue)

    Szent István (Saint Stephen of Hungary)

    Hunyadi Mátyás/Corvin Mátyás (Matthias Corvinus)

    Széchenyi István (István Széchenyi)

    Kossuth Lajos





    Vehicles, armors

    Ships, air units



    - corrected QC v5.3 compatibility (although the Hungarian citystyle won't work until QC v6.0)

    - added Hungarian citystyle (cool3a2, Freya, avain)

    - added Kossuth (Ekmek, optimized by avain)

    - added Matthias (nitram15, optimized by avain)

    - added bakuel's ancient worker
    - added warelephant (cool3a2,avain)
    - added snafu's T-55 and Hind

    - added Hungarian galley, quinquereme, carrack,
    galleon, frigate and ship-of-the-line (avain)

    - reskinned Tegetthoff
    - optimized units
    - removed not needed units

    - corrected citystyle
    - added installer option to install for Quot Capita

    - FPK-ed graphics
    - corrected installer

    - new fancy installer (thanks to phungus420, Jean Elcard, NikNaks)
    - added corrected Matthias Corvinus LH
    - added SMS Elster as an Early Destroyer

    Changelogs from previous versions:
    Spoiler :


    - extensively reworked the mod
    - added Bakuels brilliant graphics
    - added Zervers settler
    - added cool3a2's leaderheads, units, buildings

    Version 4.0 content:

    v4.0 info:
    - Quite a big amount of work's been put into this update.
    I revisited and reworked a number of units, you'll find a new Hungarian Explorer,
    Heavy Swordsman, Musketman, Spearman, Archer, Longbowman, Crossbowman, Pikeman, etc.
    a brand new Settler unit that changes across the eras (the medieval one resembles Honfoglalás)
    and also reworked some existing units for better quality/uniqueness.
    Most units are based on correct/available historical material and I tried to match them
    with my limited skillset of unit making. (you'll find e.g. that I tried to model Teleki Sámuel
    as the Hungarian Explorer, the Hungarian (Settling) Conquest(Honfoglalás) I tried to use as a
    basis for the settler, etc.

    v3.1 patch info:
    - corrected some city names

    v3.0 pic:

    Added in v3.0:
    - 3 new animated leaders
    - Modern Marine
    - reskin of the Academy of Science
    - a lot of corrections in descriptions, building sizes
    - added music
    - Huszár stats changed, please check below

    - Added modern units

    Installation instructions:

    - you need to have Varietas Delectat and/or Quot Capita installed
    - run the installer and choose the options you want

    cool3a2 for all his help
    Bakuel for amazing graphics
    Kabcsi for his Hungary mod
    Zerver for units, leaders!
    danrell (I guess) for Polish Knight I made into Huszár
    all other unit makers!