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[BTS] Indonesia (Module) v2 2016-10-05

[BTS] Indonesia (Module) v2

  1. veBear
    A module that adds the Indonesians to your game.

    ¡V2 IS UP!

    Dharmasetu (Expansive/Financial) - NEW IN V2
    Spoiler :

    Hayam Wuruk (Aggressivel/Imperialistic) - NOW SHADERED
    Spoiler :


    Suharto (Financial/Industrious) - NOW SHADERED
    Spoiler :

    Pencak Silat (Pikeman)
    Same strenght as Maceman, though no bigger bonus against Cavalry Units
    Spoiler :

    Candi (Theatre)
    + 4 :culture:
    + 1 :) (does not need dye)
    + 25% :culture:
    Spoiler :

    Install by putting into your:
    Beyond the Sword/Mods/YOUR MOD NAME/Assets/Modules/CustomCivilizations

    Remember to rate!
    Check out my other Civs!

    Enjoy :king:


    - Bakuel for his Unit
    - Whoever made the building for the building
    - The Almighty dF for LH personalities
    - Me for putting this together
    - Den9510 for his/her Gajah Mada LH (used as Dharmasetu, NEW FOR v2)


    1. majapahit_sun_7Ez.jpg
    2. indonesia_unit_n_buildong_tZE.jpg
    3. indonesia_main_68h.jpg
    4. candi_Dd8.jpg
    5. silat_2tq.jpg
    6. dharma_R96.jpg
    7. hayam2_7f3.jpg
    8. suharto2_SWZ.jpg