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[BtS] JEraLimit: Halting Progress 2016-10-05

The endless march to Future Tech has always bothered me and this mod will stop it in its tracks. Unfortunatly, both the 'Play Now!' and the 'Custom Game' screens seem to be locked away in the game's EXE file and therefore out of the reach of us modders. Due to this fact, the only option I've found is adding a Custom Game Option to whatever Map Script I'm wanting to play with this mod. Released with the mod are 18 Map Scripts I have already modified to use the Last Era functionality. The included Map Scripts are from Beyond the Sword and origional Civ4.

The Tech Advisor Screen has been modified to optionally hide Era disabled Techs, if a new GlobalDefinesAlt is set appropriatly. Also the Settings window of the Victory Screen now shows the game's Last Era or if no Last Era is set. Lastly, a few small changes in the file will allow the Last Era to be writen and read from World Builder Saves and ofcourse the new SDK functions are exposed to Python for you to do with as you wish.

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