[BtS] "Mars, Now!"

[BtS] "Mars, Now!" 2016-10-05

"The Mars, the red planet. Potentially the new home of mankind. After years of failed missions, the humans begin to colonize the planet. Brave men, lionhearted women and mad scientists are looking in a vague future. Will the succeed in building a new society? We'll see it. YOU'll see it!
The Mars. Now!"

Unzip the file (right click -> "extract here", or a similar wording). Put the extracted folder into your C:\Program Files\Firaxis Games\Civ4\BtS\Mods folder. Make sure that the name of the folder "marsjetzt-v04" is NOT changed. Make also sure that there is no second folder with the same name in this folder. If so, move all the content from the second folder into the first folder.

Date uploaded: Monday, November, 16th 2015.
Mod Version: v04
Mod Patches: Main download should be alreay on patch E, the alternative version (see thread) is without the patch, but patch E can be downloaded separately.
Civ version needed: Beyond the Sword 3.19
Multiplayer compatible: Yes
Mac compatible: Not, sorry.

To start the mod, i would suggest using Just Another Mod Chooser.
Clicking on one of the maps will not work.

v03 was removed after 9460 downloads.

The Thread is here.

What is "Mars, Now!"?
"Mars, Now" is an total conversion of the normal BtS-game.
Don't ask, what has been changed.
It's better to ask, what haven't been changed :D.

What does it have?
- 15 playable civilizations with 2 leaders from the great artists here from CFC
- Totally new units, all with art from the great CFC-artists
- Totally new buildings, and some with new art, also from the CFC-artists.
- Totally new tech-tree
- New resources, again with art from here and from my buddy [VK]
- 2 new victories: Independence-Victory and Evolution-Victory
- and much more. For details/changes please look into the "Mars, Now!"-civilopedia-entry.

What does it not have?
- UUs + UBs: Not enough ideas

What's to do?
- Events have to be changed
- And the diplomatic text
- Civilopedia has to be filled
- Quotes have to be translated
- New ideas have to be implemented. If you have ideas: Let me hear it :)! I can do some things, but not all, i'm not Kael or Rhye.

- Some mathematical error, when farms are build in sand/magnet-storms

Please report all bugs. The most bugs are found now :).

Language support:
- Only english and german, but it works with french, italian and spanish together.

If someone is interested, the german-subforum is here.

The Thread is here.

Spoiler :

Version 0.4
- fixed disappearing improvements/no improvements buildable after building eden project
- fixed the bug, that water tiles could not be worked without roads
- Fixed bug that units could move on water plots after water roads have been pillaged
- Fixed a bug in terraforming
- fixed flag for private space explorers
- fixed greeting from mehmed ibn farud
- fixed buttons richard kennedy + robert jobs
- fixed missing eyeshadow.dds
- fixed bug that spawning civs do not start with their starting techs
- fixed some not appearing effects (battle tank, laser infantry)
- fixed one missing event text
- Added civilopedia texts by BuggSuperstar and gyrobot, translated in german by Edu
- changed graphics for mohindar singh (by techaton)
- changed spy graphics (saibothlieh)
- changed great spy graphics (lord tirian)
- changed graphics for pablo morales (by ekmek)
- changed graphics for mortar (by snafusmith)
- changed graphics for kufi anana (by Igor)
- changend fusion plant to fission plant, moved in tech tree, changed graphics (by lord tirian)
- added female great engineer graphics (saibotlieh)
- unmanned combat vehicle now upgrades to marauder
- hover tank now also upgrades to battle tank
- mechanized infantry now upgrades to battle tank
- added partially ethnic alien art (charle88, deliverator, The_Coyote)
- Locust +1 movement, -1 strength
- Battle mech -1 movement
- various new buttons (by Civ3 artists Leaven, blue monkey, george stow, theta, storm grunt, deth mc bones, samez and some by myself)
- added great person names
- added partially ethnic alien city art (thanks to Planetfall :))
- added promotion force shield
- changed wind channel to Shield Generator, now gives promotion force shield
- slightly reworked civics
- added mapscript perfect world 2
- around 160 mb new music
- changed Plants&Animals 24 to Umbrella corporation
- changed blackwater interplanetar to OCP
- New Tech-Quotes
- various small things

Version 0.3
Patch I:

- Fixes the (self introduced) bug with the completly stupid worker AI
- New model for the shinto missionary. Model by johny smith
- New model for geothermal heat resource. Model by FfH2 art team
- Mutant civilization starts now with peace with the barbarians
- All civs starts now with a "dummy" corporation ("base supply"). No big benefits, needs water, oxygen and ice. It's a helper for the AI, so that it'll know the worth of these resources. Idea is stolen from Dune Wars.
- Mutants will now appear longer.
- Higher appearance of mutants and barbarians
- Added a sea mutant. Model by FfH2 team. (appearance in late game has still to be done :blush:)
- Spread some promotions over the tech tree
- New model for the wonder weather control. Model by Lord Tirian
- Adapted Frekk's Slaver Promotion. Now infantry units can gain the promotion "scientist", which gives them a 25% chance of extracting some DNA after a combat with a mutant. DNA can be added to any infantry unit, or can give a small boost to the next technology. DNA model by Lord Tirian
- Some minor things.

The patchscript is supported by phungus, the icon is from deon :).

Patch H:
- Restored the default mapsizes, because it seems, that these changes caused more crashes. So if you now play a standard map, you'll get a map with the same size like in vanilla. But remember: No water, more landterrain, worse performance. Play smaller mapsizes!
- Fixed 4 problems with textkeys
- pimped the AI a bit
- Changed the optical speed of the attack ship
- All units of the mutants get the promotion "mutant" as default promotion
- Changed one event

New things:
- New UU for Canada. Model was uploaded by Deliverator, animated by The_Coyote, and is converted from Empire Earth 2.
- New UU for the EU. Modell by The_Coyote
- New unit "Advanced Hovertank". Modell by Lord Tirian
- New model for the building wind channel. Modell by Lord Tirian
- New model for the wonder "the new star signs". Modell by Lord Tirian

Patch G:
- Fixed an error, which could lead to an CtD when attacking a city
- The optical speed of the pioniertank has been adjusted
- The prerequisite "canyon" for the worldwonder sightseeing platform has been removed

- Added wonderfilm for the worldwonder "national military industries". Movie by arian :).
- New model for the bank, model by asioasioasio
- New unit paratrooper added, model by GarretSidzaka
- New leader for canada added, leaderhead by cfkane
- The canadian promotion "snowman" gives now 33% attacking and defense bonus on snow instead of 20%
- Effect of "Rossetta Project" changed, and turned into a worldwonder.
- Rossetta Project is not more needed for the evolution victory
- Texts added to the Life 2.0 civics, to show better, what units are available with them
- Maintenance through the diestance from palace reduced by 2/5
- Starting technologies are changed a bit, so that the strong civs don't start with an exploration ship, but the weak get one.
- Aliens, Androids and Mutants do now, not like the human player, not have the restrictions for settlers and Life 2.0 units.

The patchscript was programmed by phungus, the icon is this time again by deon :).

The patch is compatible 3.19. If you want to play with 3.17, you have to remove the marsjetzt-v03\Assets\CvGameCoreDLL.dll, which will not affect the game.

Patch F:
- Makes the mod compatible with 3.19
- Changed the special israelian trait to only one scientist
- Added two new models for the light artillery and the artillery. Both models are from Empire Earth 2, were uploaded by Deliverator and animated by The_Coyote
- 2 minor changes in the text

The patchscript is provided by phungus and NikNaks, and the icon is this time by Deon :).

Patch E:
- Small bug with one message related to terraforming solved

Additional things/changes:
- Korean UU "Plasma-Infantery" renamed to "Laser-Infantery" and changed it to a european UU
- New unit "Terminator" for the civic "Android Society". Modell by seZereth, skin by Avain
- New unit ABC-Infantery, modell by Mechaerik
- New Unit Plasma-Infantery, modell von Mechaerik
- "Exploration-Tank" renamed to "Exploration-Rover", new modell from Keldath
- New modell for the submarine
- New american UU "Goliath"
- 2 new korean UUs "Behemoth" and "Behemoth XT", all modells from the submarine to this come form Empire Earth 2, were uploaded by Deliverator and animated by The_Coyote
- New alien leader added, modell by cfkane
- Finally my own icon, thanks to Avain :)
- New farming concept: Farms can only be build in the first ring around every city
- Irrigation can be spread with "Mars-Botanics"
- Removed all rivers and lakes from the mapscripts, thanks to Koma13
- Removed all rivers from the pre-made maps
- All units from the "Life 2.0"-civics like "artifical body" or "Terminator" starts with the promotion "not human", so they do not cause military happiness
- Changed one event, activated a second
- New unit "Migrant", which can add +1 population to a city. I need some people, who can tell me their observations, if the AI uses them or not.

Patch D:
- No more bird-sound on Mars
- Added some sound-files, which seem to miss at some computers

- The costs and the AI for some parts of the tech-tree have been re-worked
- The "unique features" will now not appear in the FC of the first city

Other things:
- Renamed "National Epic" to "Statue Of The Fallen Astronauts"
- New modell for the "National Military Industries" by Moeb and The_Coyote
- English versions for nearly all current technology quotes added
- Chance of random city growth when a city is expanded
- Added one new event
- Changed one event: When a volcano breaks out, the surrounding plots get the feature "volcano ashes" (+2 :food:)
- New "Unique Power" for Israel: "Scientists And Explorers"

Patch C:
- Fixes the bug, which will cause crashes when moving into a storm
- Fixes a bug, which could lead to crashes, when playing with the maximum numbers of AIs and a special event occurs.
- Removed some nonsense-messages

Patch B:
- Fixed the not working wonder "Deimos- and Phobos Science Station"
- Fixed the not working trait "Defender"
- Fixed the not working trait "Resourcefull"
- Fixed some missing effects
- Now you can not found new cities, when you do not have enough resources
- Terraforming will now not overwrite resources with other resources

- plots with water, ice and oxygen are now not more affected by terraforming
- Changed the bonus from "Habitable Caves" from 1 free specialist for the continent to 1 free specialist for all cities
- Changed the number of appearance of the sandstorm and the sabotage event
- Moved the ability to build research from the tech "Robots" to the tech "Philosophy"

- Wonderfilm for the national wonder "Genesis" added
- First player to discover the technology "Robots"/"Androids" will now get a unit "Robot"/"Android"

Other things:
- Renamed the national wonder "Wallstreet" to "E-Bank"
- Some minor cosmetical changes in the pedia

Patch A:
- Fixed the last bug with disappearing buildings, really big, big, big thanks to EmperorFool

- Terraforming quote is a big higher now
- Changed the "spread" of water resources a bit

- New model for oxygen by [VK] and The_Coyote

Basic Version:
- Runs now stable!
- Fixed terraforming: No more resources and units are destroyed!
- Fixed a bug, which could lead to crashes when declaring independence
- Fixed a displaying bug, which could change the marauder model to the locust model

- Removed all prereqs from the exploring tank
- builing/researching time raised by 50%
- Assasin can now perform paradrops

- Espionage can now be built
- New Life 2.0 civic: esoteric society
- New assasin model (by mechaeric)
- Unique Powers: Every civilization has special abilites
NASA: starts with christianity.
Israel: " " judaism.
OPEC: " " islam; Has automatically oil in every city.
ISRO: " " hinduism.
JAXA: " " shintoism; UB robot factory.
China: special mines (+1:hammers:).
Russia: UU Mammoth Tank (model by Krugerpritz)
The Jail: Gets random techs through conquering cities
Korea: UU Plasma Infantry (model by Zerver)
Africa: Faster "Cottages"
ESA: UB for townhall with more :)
Mars Colonists: Can "request" water and oxygen in every city, without "first contact to earth".
South America: Gets money (50 gold), when cities grows bigger than 12; all peaks in the FCs are transformed to hills.
Canada: All canadian troops, which are built on mars, get the "snowman" promotin (+20% snow combat)
Private Space Explorers: Do not need roads for resouce connection and for trade routes

Version 0.2
Patch C:
- Mutant promotion will now be displayed correctly
- every resource has now also a water improvement
- Genesis-Project and -projectiles do not destroy resources (other work here is in progress)
- Trading over coast/ocean added
- Radar stations can now be destroyed
- Light Fighters can now intercept
- All units are now displayed with correct group sizes
- corrected the civic-prereqs for the golden shield (can now be build with tyranny or communism)
- No additional maintenance for cities on other continents
- some text fixes
- 1 event changed, 1 quest deactivated
- Nvidia-Video after intro film deactived

- Hover-Tank und Helicopters can now move on water
- Light Attackship strength back from 3 to 4, but has now -25% city attack
- XP-Maximum for mutants and barbarians is now the double (10 XP for mutants, 20 for barbarians)
- Hover-Transporter doesn't upgrade to transporters
- 2. tech-prereq for battle hover deleted
- 2 :) through state religion instead of 1 :)
- Costs for "Transformation" reduced by 25% (now 6000 hammers)
- Changed the conditions for domination victory (more population, less land)

Other things:
- Background texts for "Data Security" (by Korahan) and for the unit "Colonist" (by Danieldej) added (translation by me)
- Victory video for evolution victory added (video by arian)
- Scaled the laser fences down
- Now improvement "Aquatic Science Station", for the connection of all resources

Patch B:
- Fixed a bug with water/oxygenrequest from earth (can now be build endless)
- Fixed a bug, so that at a certain point not all religions are automatically founded
- Fixed a bug with "chopping". It's now available with "martian calendar"
- New building art from JustATourist, Walter_Hawkwood and asioasioasio
- New worldpicker by charle88
- Background texts for mindcontrol, robot society and android society by korahan (translation by me)
- Bioshpere food bonus changed from 4 to 2
- New citylist for isreael
- Higher tech costs
- More water and oxygen resources on the Mars18 map
- Lowered barbarian appearance
- Mutants have now a unitclass
- Promotion "Chemical Weapons" has now an effect against mutants
- Light Attack Ship strengh changed from 4 to 3
- Pioneer Tank strengh changed from 2 to 1, but 100% hills defense
- Mortar upgrades now to mobile artillery (instead of normal artillery)
- Added custom diplomacy sounds for ISRO, JAXA, Korea and Israel (all official hymnes, but i don't know, if they are good, i need some feedback)

Patch A:
- fixed internal, mod-related graphic-bug. I hope, this will lead to less CtDs.
- Units and buildings in city will not dissappear.
- No more grafical unit-doubling with pioneer-tanks and scouts.
- Improvements are changed: Now all improvements (beside water improvements) can be build on every terrain (besides other restrictions, like fresh water or flat lands)
- 3 Python errors fixed
- Some text-changes
- Civilopedia-background-text for "genetic control"
- 3 short texts in the concepts-section
- Quests and 2 Events deactivated
- 3 new buildings models by JustATourist added
- Windturbines have now the correct animations
- new city-list for japan and china (from the civ2 mars szenario; thanks Jeelen)
- fixed satelites and assasins

No new content, no new strategy-texts, i'm sorry.



Boss: Me
Some grafical things: [VK]
Python: Moritz

Credits for leaderheads:
- Bernie14
- Ekmek
- NikNaks
- pay-t
- Kao'Chai
- Refar
- PW90
- Methylorange
- cfkane
- The_Capo
- CivGold-Team

Credits for units
- Refar
- Zerver
- asioasioasio
- C.Roland
- KrugerPritz
- GarretSidzaka
- The_Coyote
- sharik
- rabbit, white
- seZereth
- TheBladeRoden

Credits for buttons
- FK2006
- snipperrabbit!!

Credits for resources:
- Psychic_Llamas
- C.Roland
- GarretSidatzka
- [VK]

Credits for python-components:
- Tsentom 1 (and here)
- Zebra9
- Moritz
- Fierabras

Credits for buildings:
- Woodelf
- Walter_Hawkwood
- Dual
- Sevo
- Chamaedrys
- Asioasioasio
- JustATourist

Credits for maps:
- 0d1n3oo3Broad
- GarretSidzaka
- -sr
- StrategyOnly
- GrünerStar
- StrategyOnly

Credits for movies:
- Arian

Credits for other components
- Dual

Credits for tutorials:
- 0d1n3oo3Broad
- Cybah
- Fabrysse
- Dale
- Fierabras

Credits for quotes:
- FlavorFlave
- Mars242
- K_W
- Olbaid
- Mittelklasse

Credits for tips/other help
- Tholish
- EmperorFool
- Little_Pritt
- Ekmek
- NikNaks
- Tsentom1
- Moritz
- GarretSidzaka
- [VK]
- koma13

Credits or ideas:
- Gigaz
- Frederick Steiner
- [VK]
- Mars242
- Superputze
- Yggdrasil
- Hogibaer
- eis
- Danieldej
- Faykan_Wache
- juergen2000
- FfH2-team

Credits for city-lists:
- Mittelklasse
- Zeki
- [VK]

- [VK]
- Moritz
- Mars242
- delnan
- Danieldej
- Mittelklasse
- zeki
- Boudicca
- Hogibaer
- Avangarci
- Franziskus
- K_W
- Korahan

Credits for motivation:
Smiley-Counter: 30
Smiley-contributors: Kaffeesatzleser, [VK], Superputze x 3, 2* Zeki, delnan, KingK x 2, oelfuss, Diemed x 4, Sauron44, 2 * Mars242, Jaeg, Mittelklasse, FlavorFlave, Moritz, Falke, Sir Tox, Hogibaer * 2, The Dude, TW2000, Verdikt, The_Coyote, Bamser, Adri2, Simato.

If i forgot someone, please hit me :).

Please report all bugs :).
If you're running into a "NOTEXT", and it's not a quote (they have to be translated), please report it.

If you have ideas: Let me hear it :)!
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