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[BtS Modular] Ionut's Civ 2016-10-05

Welcome to Ionut's Civilizations.

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To install this mod just extract it into your mods directory in your civilization BtS folder.
Command line should look like this:
c:/Program files/Fraxis Games/Sid Meir's Civilization IV/Beyond the Sword/Mods

Special thanks go out to:
WYZ_sub10, Shqype, Ekmek, ElGrillo, Drtad, pay-t, woodelf, Mirc, asioasioasio, blacksun

Change log:

initial version:
New civ buttons to the Batavians and Getai.
New building models for the Romanians and Getai
New Building skin for the Thracians
Overhaul of the Romanian UU graphics. Final version.
New buttons for the Romanian, Getai and Thracians building and units
New graphics for Decebalus
New leader “Queen Sandy” for Romania

update 1:
- Rabbit White's EDU version 3 modular version.
- Getai use the Romanian EDU.
- Queen Sandy is no longer inlcuded.
- New loading screen, and Opening menu music.
- New Black UI created by toft
- New civ the Casse are now included.
- Blacksun's 50 civs .dll

update 2:
- all previous civs updated to 3.13 compatability
- new civ Abyssinia
- new civ Armenia
- new civ Bulgaria
- new civ Epeiros
- new civ Hayasdan
- new civ Huns
- new civ Lebanon
- new civ Lycia
- new civ Lydia
- new civ Makedonia
- new civ Pamyra
- new civ Pontos
- new civ Samnites
- new civ Sauromatae
- new civ Sweboz
- updated unit graphics for: Parthia, Seleukia, Casse.
- new leaderheads for: DiodotusI, Teres I, Leonidas, Seleucus I, Aigimios, Julius Civilis
- updated Romanian EDU
- updated blacksun's 50 civs .dll
- new charcoal UI by asioasioasio
- new leader for Getai, the great king Burebista
First release
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