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[BtS][Modular] Native America Expanded v1.0 2016-10-05

[BtS][Modular] Native America Expanded v1.0

  1. NikNaks
    Annoyed about the fact that Native America got bundled into one? Thought the Totem Pole was inappropriate? Then I give you:

    Native America Expanded v1.0
    Thread here

    Replaces the Native American Civ with the Sioux Empire, and adds the Iroquois and Cherokee nations.

    Full Change List:
    UB: Chief's Hut - Same bonuses as Totem Pole


    UU: Brave - Replaces archer - Free Blitz promotion and 25% Forest Attack bonus
    UB: Longhouse - Replaces barracks - 5% of food kept after growth and free Woodsman I Promotion for all units
    LH: Hiawatha - Agg, Spi

    UU: Atl-Atl - Replaces scout - +1 Strength, can attack but animal bonus reduced to 25%
    UB: Medicine Hut - Replaces granary - adds a small health and culture boost
    LH: Ostenaco - Spi, Org

    Sword_Of_Geddon for the idea and pedia entries
    avain for the flavor unit module base
    Amra (IIRC) for the Ostenaco LH
    PW90 for the Hiawatha LH
    sepamu92 for the Atl-Atl
    C.Roland for the Native Archer