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[BTS Module] North Korea & South Korea 2016-10-05

[BTS Module] North Korea & South Korea

  1. DWOLF
    North Korea & South Korea for BTS 3.17

    August 20, 2008 - I've added a good looking modern asian spy made by Chuggi for North & South Korea. I also added a "Late" custom diplomacy for Wang Kong. "It's South Korea's National Anthem.
    August 2, 2008 - North Korea & South Korea civs were made.

    Kim Jong II - (Agressive & Organized)
    Wang Kong - (Financial & Protective)

    Starting Techs:
    Hunting & Mining - North Korea
    Mysticism & Mining - South Korea

    North Korean Unique Units:
    T55 - (Tank)
    IS2 - (Tank)
    MiG21 - (Jet Fighter)
    Su25 - (Jet Fighter)
    SU-7B - (Jet Fighter)
    People's Army - (Marine) I just did a recolor of the uniform skin.

    South Korean Unique Units:
    C47 - (Air Transport)
    C130 - (Hercules)

    North Korean Style Units: new
    Modern Spy, Swordman, Axeman, Maceman, Spearman, Pikeman, Chariot, Archer, Longbowman, Crossbowman, Knight, Horseman, Galley, Trireme, Galleon, Frigate, Jet Fighter, Fighter, Tank, Modern Armor, Marine, Machine Gun, Infantry, At Infantry.

    South Korean Style Units:
    Modern Spy, Bomber, Jet Fighter, Fighter, Galley, Trireme, Galleon, Frigate, Archer, Longbowman, Crossbowman, Axeman, Swordsman, Maceman, Spearman, Pikeman, Chariot, Knight, Modern Armor, Gunship, Marine, Paratrooper, At Infantry, Sam Infantry.

    North Korean Unique Building:
    Pyongyang TV Tower - (Broadcast Tower)

    South Korean Unique Building:
    Korean Seowon - (University)

    Team Color:
    Custom Diplomacy Music for South Korea new
    Custom Diplomacy Music for North Korea
    Custom Diplomacy Text
    Custom Dark Blue for South Korea
    Custom Red for North Korea
    Custom Kim button
    Custom North & South Korean Flag / Buttons made by DWOLF

    I did a recolor of the Dragon Trireme and I must say it came out better than I expected. I've turn the Trireme red so it matches the team color of North Korea.

    Also I've added "half" support for French / German / Italian / Spanish versions of the game. Now when you load this mod on said language, you will see names & civilopedias in english instead of just being blank.

    How To Install:
    To install, extract the folder to your mods folder.
    I've already set up the folders *North and South Korea/Assets/Modules/Custom Civilizations/Koreas*, Afterwards you need to go into you BTS configuration file and change 'ModularLoading = 0' to 'ModularLoading = 1

    Very Special Thanks To:
    bernie14 for making a 3D LH of Kim Jon, thanks a million bernie :)

    Thanks To:
    Rabbit, White for making the CN Tower.
    GFO_Anubis for making the Mi24.
    Chamaedrys, GeneralMatt, Xenomorph for making the Asian Ship Project v2.0.
    Chuggi for making the Modern Asian Spy, the Asian Trireme & the Asian Ship Project v2.0.
    Zerver for making the Korean modern foot units.
    The_Coyote for making the Asian Galleon & the Asian Ship Project v2.0.
    Wolfshanze for making the Korean Air Force Pack.
    dutchking for making the Lagg3 unit & Korean Air Force Pack.
    sharick for making the T34 unit.
    The Conquests for making the T90 unit.
    nautil for making the MiG21 unit.
    snafusmith for making T55 / IS2 / LA7 / SU-7B / units and letting me use them on this mod.
    danrell for making the 11 Chinese units (They Look Great) Thanks.
    Zerver for making the mongolle modern troops unit.
    Bakuel for making the chinese heavy infantry unit & Chinese Heavy Foot unit.

    North Korea

    South Korea


    1. nkunits_nAm.jpg