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[BTS Module] Persia 2016-10-05

Persia for BTS 3.17

August 1, 2008 - I've added a some more style units & I cleaned up the layout of iran to make easier to navigate when modding. I've also added half support for French / German / Italian / Spanish versions of the game. Now when you play in said language you will see the names & civiliopedias in English instead of just being blank.
Feb 10, 2008 - I've added more units and also I've added style units which gives more diversity to Iran. I've also added custom music to Mahmoud. I gave him Iran's national anthem. I was also able to add the Khomeini 3D LH Ekmek made...thanks
Nov 13, 2007 - Thanks to Bernie14 for making Mahmoud & the Pasdaran unit, I was able to add Mahmoud 3D LH head.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad - (Industrious & Protective)
Seyyed Ali Khamenei - (Spiritual & Organized)
Ruhollah Khomeini - (Spiritual & Protective)

Starting Techs:
Agriculture & Mysticism

Unique Units:
Persian Chariot - (Chariot) new
Persian Knight - (Knight)
Persian Cataphract - (Knight)
MiG29 - (Jet Fighter)
F5 Northrop - (Jet Fighter)
Immortal Soldier - (Crossbowman)
C130 Hercules Transport - (Bomber)
BMP-2 - (Mechanized Infantry)
Su25 - (Jet Fighter)
F4 Phantom - (Jet Fighter)
M60 - (Modern Armor)
T55 - (Tank)

Style Units: new
Swordman, Axeman, Maceman, Archer, Longbowman, Crossbowman, Chariot, Knight, Horseman, Spearman, Pikeman, Mechanized Infantry, Marine, Jet Fighter, Tank , Modern Spy.

Unique Buildings:
Apothecary - (Grocer)

Team Color:
Custom Diplomacy Music
Custom Diplomacy Text
Middler Green To Match The Flag
Custom Flag / Button made by DWOLF
Custom Leader Buttons

How To Install:
To install, extract the folder to your mods folder.
I've already set up the folders *The Islamic Republic of Iran/Assets/Modules/Custom Civilizations/The Islamic Republic of Iran*, Afterwards you need to go into you BTS configuration file and change 'ModularLoading = 0' to 'ModularLoading = 1

Very Special Thanks
bernie14 for making an awesome Mahmoud's 3D LH & the Pasdaran unit...also he was able to spice up the diplomacy text by creating better entries...thank you

Thanks To:
Chuggi for making the Arabian War Elephant & the Modern Asian Spy.
GFO_Anubis for making the Ah-1 Iran skin.
JF00 for making the F5 & F4 Phantom Iran Skins.
sharick for making the Pz-38t tank & Wolfshanze for making the Persian skin for the Pz-38t model.
nautil for making the Mig-21 jet fighter.
Ekmek for making the Khomeini 3D LH.
snafusmith for making the M60 / t55 / BMP-2 / C130 / F4 PHANTOM units and letting me use them on this mod.
sakhr for making the Cataphract, Mounted Maceman & Camel Archer.
danrell for making the 12 persian units (They Look Great) Thanks.
Prestidigitator for making the Hammurabi 3D LH.
GarretSidzaka for making the American Paratrooper skin.
asioasioasio for making the Stryker ACV unit.


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