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[BtS Module] Poland v0.8 - Cuirassier Version 2016-10-05

[BtS Module] Poland v0.8 - Cuirassier Version

  1. NikNaks
    Please delete and re-install this module if you have downloaded and installed an earlier version.

    Comment in the thread

    This is the Poland mod updated into modular format for Beyond the Sword, including new flavour units by danrell.

    This is the cuirassier version. (Hussar replaces the cuirassier and gets an added 50% vs gunpowder units)

    To install, extract into the assets folder of the mod you want to use it with. You should end up with a structure like this:

    *Mod*/Assets/Modules/Custom Civs/Poland/

    You also need to set 'ModularLoading = 0' to 1 in the BtS Configuration file.

    In this version, the folders have been re-worked again, and you can now remove a leader, the flavour units or even the UU by deleting their folder.

    With version 0.7, the Sejmik graphic was re-added along with a button, and the folder structure was been reworked.

    With version 0.5, 'Blue Marble 3' style leaderhead buttons were included (PM me if you wish to have the original buttons), along with a new graphic for the Hussar and new flavour units for the Polish (all by danrell).

    The polish translation has been removed due to it being incomplete (as BtS introduced more concepts and units).
    Unfortunately, the music has also been removed, due to the fact the files cannot be modular. When universal files have been created for them, I'll reference the music in.

    For now, enjoy!

    Thanks to:
    The civ.org.pl team for the original mod
    danrell for the Polish units

    and from the original post
    newMDKiller for the flag file and buttons (civilization, Hussar)
    Berenika Stefańska for the Civilopedia Entries (Poland, Hussar)
    Jecrell for making the leaderhead files
    LoD for the help, ideas and the patronage
    other people who helped with their ideas