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[BTS] Neoteric World 2016-10-05

[BTS] Neoteric World

  1. BobeBrown
    [size=+4]Neoteric World [/size]​

    If you have trouble downloading from FileFront, You can alternatively download from Strategy Informer if you scroll down to the bottom

    This modification is for Civilization 4: Beyond the Sword patch 3.19. Neoteric World expands upon the modern era and future eras in the game, The expanded future era is optional to play. The focus of this mod is to add more quality content without overloading with too many new features. You will find many of the upgrade paths for units are now more beefy, for example you progress through World War one tanks all the way upto modern tanks and beyond! There are no critical errors to this mod like the other mods out there, so its 100% stable. If your new to modifications, your in a for a shock :D
    Ignore the person who keeps spam voting 1 star. Read real peoples comments about this mod.

    Updated 14th June 2010 23:30GMT
    Click visit forum

    :borg: :sniper: :ar15:

    Taster for new animated leaders

    Taster for Expanded Modern Era

    Taster for Expanded Future Era (optional to play)

    [size=+1]Neoteric World[/size]
    • Improved modern and future technology tree
    • Expanded modern units and future units
    • 14 new civilizations complete with animated leaders, Unique units and buildings
    • 7 New animated leaderheads for existing civiliziations
    • Heroic special forces units
    • Expanded promotions
    • 50+ new events
    • Expanded Resources
    • Realistic civilization flags
    • Ethnically diverse city graphics
    • Additional Wonders
    • Additional Buildings
    • Additional Civics
    • Vastly improved speed performances
    • Future era optional

    [size=+1]Expanded Gameplay[/size]
    • Max Civilizations increased from 18 to 50
    • Revolutions and civil war can occur (See forum thread post 2)
    • Barbarians can form civilizations
    • Giant and Gigantic map scale
    • Lead from Behind
    • Improved Espionage
    • Influence Driven War
    • Added Religious Victory
    • Ranged Bombardment
    • Better AI with vastly improved speed performance
    • Religious Inquisitions
    • New premade maps, example Earth and Europe maps with 50civs
    • New Map Generators
    • Culturally Diverse City Styles

    All can be turned on and off via in game menu


    1. Requires Beyond the Sword Patch 3.19 (Get from official website)
    2. Download the latest version of Neoteric World by clicking above
    3. Right click downloaded folder and select Unzip
    4. Place Unzipped folder here
    C:\Program Files\Firaxis Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 4\Beyond the Sword\Mods
    5. BTS main menu -> Advanced -> Load a mod -> Neoteric World -> Enjoy!

    Click visit forum

    (Strategy Informer is slower than FileFront, To download from FileFront you press 'Download Now' at the top)

    :borg: :sniper: :ar15:

    [size=+1]Small Patch[/size]
    Neoteric World Patch

    This patch fixes the graphical bug of the sheilding in future war in which the shielding would become very big. It also adds Real Always War by The_J, in which all the Computers are now at war with eachother instead of just being at war with human player. This is the selectable game option Always War in custom game. It is absolutely simple to install in 2 clicks, Instructions file included.

    :borg: :sniper: :ar15:


    1. tech1_j0e.jpg
    2. tech2_o19.jpg
    3. tech3_Vq6.jpg
    4. tech4_1Fo.jpg
    5. tech5_5KC.jpg
    6. leadersall_fXW.jpg
    7. air_mPZ.jpg
    8. armored_xGh.jpg
    9. land_RLM.jpg
    10. sea_Tr3.jpg
    11. landunits_7c5.jpg
    12. future_era_bPe.jpg

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