BTS North Atlantic V1.1 2016-10-05

BTS North Atlantic V1.1

  1. Dieter VonClam
    This is a map of the North Atlantic... I created this map as I was not impressed with the N. Atlantic maps I have found. I started with a map of Europe/Mediterranean then added North America and the Caribbean. I boycotted new world civs in this map. Civ choices are; Greek, English, French, Roman, German, Russian, Spanish, Egyptian, Viking, Ottoman, Carthaginian, Dutch, Portuguese, Arabian, Byzantine, Celtic, HRE and Malinese.

    Food and productive resources (copper, iron, coal and to a lesser extent, stone) are abundant in all regions with the exception of the Sahara. I placed aluminum and uranium sparingly. Oil is in realistic locations. Gold, gems, banana, and sugar are only in the Caribbean, with the exception of some Gold in Northern Africa.

    There are 2 versions; 1.0 has each civ with 1 city and few barbarian cities in the old world, 1.1 has 2 cities for each civ and more barbarian cities to help with optimal/historical city placement. All civs start with no research advances.