BTS North Atlantic 2016-10-05

BTS North Atlantic

  1. Dieter VonClam
    his is a map of the North Atlantic... I created this map as I was not impressed with the N. Atlantic maps I have found. I started with a map of Europe/Mediterranean then added North America and the Caribbean. I boycotted new world civs in this map. Civ choices are; Greek, English, French, Roman, German, Russian, Spanish, Egyptian, Viking, Ottoman, Carthaginian, Dutch, Portuguese, Arabian, Byzantine, Celtic, HRE and Malinese.

    Food and productive resources (copper, iron, coal and to a lesser extent, stone) are abundant in all regions with the exception of the Sahara. I placed aluminum and uranium sparingly. Oil is in realistic locations. Gold, gems, banana, and sugar are only in the Caribbean, with the exception of some Gold in Northern Africa.