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[BTS Python/XML] MachuPicchu Mod 2016-10-05

[BTS Python/XML] MachuPicchu Mod

  1. GIR
    update: fixed major bug in the python file and changed +food to 1 and +production to 2

    Here is another little mini mod:

    MachuPicchu Mod

    It adds a new Wonder: Machu Picchu
    It also adds a little python code:

    This wonder can only be built in cities with Mountain in its city radius owned by your team.
    The Wonder provides 1:food:, 2:hammers: and 1:commerce: on every Mountain controlled by one of your cities at the time you build it. It also provides a bonus of 1:commerce: on all Mountain tiles and places the city of Matchu Piccu (+1:food: and +6:commerce:) on one of the Peaks in the city radius of the wonder city. ​

    Some pics:

    Have fun!