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[BTS Python/XML] Petra Mod (UB Wonder Mod) 2016-10-05

update: version1.1

Here is another mini mod:

PetraMod (UB Wonder Mod)

It adds a new Wonder: (The city of) Petra (building (Petra Monastery) by hrochland)
The wonder building is more or less a placeholder but I don’t know what ancient building fit better to the python code.
The wonder comes with a nice python code:

The Petra Wonder gives you the ability to use Unique Buildings (UB) from other civilizations.
With this wonder you can capture enemy UBs. That means when you conquer a roman city with a Forum in it you will get the Forum and not only a plain Market. Of course you will only get it if it’s not destroyed by your attack.
Also you will get a UB replacement after building a city improvement that is a UB of one of your Vassals and you will get a 25% chance to build a UB instead of the default building in the home city.​

Some pics:

Have fun!


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