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[BTS Python/XML] Via Appia Mod 2016-10-05

[BTS Python/XML] Via Appia Mod

  1. GIR
    Here's another spin-off mod:

    Via Appia mod

    It adds a new Road type and a new Wonder + Wonder Movie: Via Appia
    It also adds a little python code:

    The Via Appia provides two Road Constructors and Roman roads on all tiles controlled by one of your cities at the time you build the Wonder. (Roman road = better than default roads)

    Some Pics:

    To use this mod you have to download the Via Appia Mod AND the wonder movie!

    - To download the Mod use this link: Via Appia Mod
    - To download the Movie use this link: Via Appia Wonder Movie

    After you downloaded the movie file you have to copy the ViaAppia.bik into your ViaAppia/Assets/Art/Movies/Wonders/ folder.

    Have Fun!​