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[BtS] Rise of Mankind v2.91 2016-10-05

[BtS] Rise of Mankind v2.91

  1. zappara
    Rise of Mankind mod expands your Civ4: Beyond the Sword game with new techs, units, buildings, wonders and with many other gameplay changes. Includes Better BtS AI 0.84b, Unofficial patch 1.40, RevolutionDCM 2.71 and BUG 4.3 mods.

    The mod works best on English language setting. Germany, Spanish, French and Italian work as well but translations for those are incomplete.

    Main features in v2.91

    • 288 Techs in tech tree
    • 300+ Units
    • 199 Buildings
    • 84 Wonders
    • 53 National wonders
    • 54 Civic options
    • 33 Unit categories, modern units are superior to ancient units
    • 34 New resources
    • 35 Pre made maps included: various Earth maps and scenarios and fictional maps
    • 52 Improvements for terrain/resources
    • 23 New Leaders for default civs
    • 6 New route types
    • 5 New Civilizations (60 with extra civ addon pack)
    • 7 New Projects
    • 4 New Citizen types
    • 4 New Religions
    • 2 New Civic categories
    • 2 New Map sizes: Giant (54% bigger than Huge), Gigantic (50% bigger than Giant ie. 134% bigger than Huge)
    • 2 New Gamespeed: Blitz 215 turns, Snail 3000 turns
    • 1 New terrain type: Marsh
    • Abandon city / Demolish building
    • AI Autoplay
    • Better BTS AI 0.84b (includes Unofficial patch 1.4)
    • Corporation specific buildings
    • Civic specific buildings
    • Dynamic Civ Names
    • Enhanced Interface (BUG 4.3 mod)
    • Ethnically Diverse Units
    • Cultural Citystyles 0.95
    • Examine City at Conquest
    • Faster expansion in late game: Colonists and Pioneers build cities with preset buildings
    • Fight in the future era with futuristic units
    • Global Warming mod
    • Influence Driven War
    • Inquisition, destroy religions
    • Modified Civics
    • Modified Religions (each religion is more unique)
    • More events (about 60)
    • More game alerts, extra information about cities and diplomacy options
    • New promotions (for air units too)
    • New unit flags for Civilizations
    • RevolutionDCM 2.71
    • Advanced Combat Odds 1.0
    • Ranged Bombardment
    • Sevopedia
    • Super Spies (promotions for spies)
    • Supports maximum of 50 players
    • Tech conquest, conquering enemy cities boosts your research
    • Tech diffusion, civs can't fall too far behind in tech race
    • Unit order enhancements, icons show each units current task
    • Upgradeable buildings
    • User configurable options (see: BUG options and Rise of Mankind Config.ini)
    • + much more, see RoM Concepts pedia pages in-game ;)

    Installation instructions

    1. Locate your Civilization 4 installation folder from your hard drive.
    2. There go to subfolder named Beyond the Sword and under Beyond the Sword go to subfolder Mods.
    3. IF YOU HAVE VERSION Rise of Mankind 1.x or 2.x INSTALLED, PLEASE RENAME OLD VERSION'S "Rise of Mankind" FOLDER TO SOMETHING ELSE (in case you want to continue playing that version too) OR DELETE IT BEFORE CONTINUING
    4. Unzip the mod to this Mods folder. Zip file contains the needed folder structure for the mod files so make sure your archiver program is set to unzip files with the folders.
    5. Start your Civ 4: Beyond the Sword normally and from start menu click "Load a mod". Choose Rise of Mankind mod from list and click ok.
    6. When game has reloaded itself with the mod, you can start playing.

    For further information see the readme.html and version history.txt inside the zip file or visit Rise of Mankind forum section

    Report bugs to this thread.


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