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[BtS] Southern African Unit Art Mod 2016-10-05

[BtS] Southern African Unit Art Mod

  1. veBear
    This is a mod that adds flavour units to the Sub-Saharan, black-African civs. The units are textured to work mainly with Southern African civs, but they work for other black-African ones too. Since there is no own thread for this, I'll prefer if you post comments in my civ thread.

    Install by putting directly into your Beyond the Sword/Mods directory. Load the mod, choose one of the Sub-Saharan nations and play. And as always, enjoy :king:

    The flag you see in the screenshot is from the Zimbabwean civilization I made in cooperation with cybrxkhan. Be sure to check it out!

    Vebjørn "veBear" Forthun for putting this together and A LOT of retexturing
    Sepamu92 for Archer, Axeman (Ibutho) and Horse Archer
    Bakuel for Swordsman, Grenadier, Cuirassier, Rifleman, Cavalry and Chariot
    Chugginator for War Elephant
    Modfreak for Scout and Warrior
    SaibotLieh for Maceman and Spearman
    Polycrates for Crossbow, Longbow, Knight and Pikeman
    meachaerik for Musketman and explorer
    coffee junkie for Anti Tank, SAM, Infantry, Marine and Machine Gun


    1. zimbflavorunits_jFL.jpg