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[BtS] Terraforming, Forest Planting mod v1.1 2016-10-05

[BtS] Terraforming, Forest Planting mod v1.1

  1. avain
    Terraforming, Forest Planting mod
    for [civ4] :bts: 3.17
    current version: v1.1
    date: 2009.05.09

    Boyz and girlz!
    Let me prezent you with the Terraforming and Forest Planting mod. Now you can shape the planet to your liking!
    There's been numerous mods for terraforming and forest replanting, and I admit I borrowed ideas and code snipets from them.
    This little modcomp will be integrated into my upcoming Quot Capita modpack, but I though you might like to try it as is (and I'll get some free testing for it:devil:)


    Forest Planting
    Worker action
    Cost: 10 :commerce:
    Tech needed :science:: Paper

    Creates a Tree Nursery improvement, needs to be worked from a city to turn into a Forest

    Elevate/Level Terrain
    Worker action
    Cost: 100 :commerce:
    Tech needed :science:: Plastics

    A worker can create a hill on a flat terrain, or level a hill to flat land

    Worker action (consumes the worker)
    Cost: 1000 :commerce:
    Tech needed :science:: Ecology

    Creates a Terraforming imporvement (Biodome model by hrochland), needs to be worked to complete the terraforming process

    Can turn:


    Terraforming mods out there!


    - added different yield values to the "final"(only used for the implementation) improvement to help the AI
    - also changed these "final" improvements to bGraphicalOnly. This only removes them from Civilopedia (I checked the SDK)

    - initial version