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BTS v3.17 Next War Expansion 2016-10-05

BTS v3.17 Next War Expansion

This is by far my favorite MOD – probably because I custom tailored it! It is basically the Next War Epic MOD included in the BTS Expansion plus some modifications based on MOD Packs I’ve played that others have built.

So, here is why it’s my favorite:

  1. GiantEarthMap ModernResource v5.1 - Genghis Kai’s Giant Earth Map - Version 5.2 (BTS)
  2. Odyssey Speed - Carter’s Earth 192x120 (BTS)
  3. JCultureControl - Jeckel’s JCultureControl: Beyond City Borders - Version: 2.000
  4. Infrastructure Wonders – Yakk’s Infrastructure Wonders
Obviously I had to build a custom dll to get all this to work, but that’s life! I thought I would share it with anyone who is looking for just a little more action to the Next War Epic MOD.

Much Props to Genghis Kai, Carter, Jeckel, and Yakk to doing all the real work!

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