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[BtS]worker mania version 1 2016-10-05

This is the first version of what will eventually be a much larger mod. This version centers around five new worker units:
  1. Captured Workers
  2. Freemen
  3. Laborers
  4. Builders
  5. Steam Shovel
Captured Workers: In standard game play, workers seem unfazed about being captured by rival empires. They simply work for the new empire. This runs counter to history, which is replete with slaves rebelling against their masters. In this mod, captured workers walk everywhere (movement rate=1), They are poorly trained and uneducated (they work much slower than regular workers). Finally, they require guards because they have a bad attitude and are rebellious (you pay military support costs).
Freemen: Captured Workers can be emancipated after the conquering Empire learns Democracy. Freemen are motivated but uneducated and have not been fully integrated into society. In game terms, they move as fas as regular workers, but they do not work as fast. They no longer require guards, but you still pay military support because they need training and education. Freemen bring diverse ethnic qualities to an empire. In game terms this allows them to be upgraded to either regular workers or settlers.
Workers: Unchanged-except they become captured workers when conquered by an enemy.
Laborers: They work faster than regular workers.
Builders: They work faster than laborers, can move through impassable terrain and have limited self-defense capabilities.
Steam Shovel: An upgrade to the Builders unit.

I increased the work rate as technology advanced. It seemed silly to me that the workers of an empire that had not even learned Steam Power would be just as fast and efficient as the workers of an empire that used equipment based on combustion and railroads.

I added a defense value to the advanced engineers to reflect heavy motorized equipment. They are no match for a serious military unit, but a modern construction company could hold it's own against most primitive troops. At least, they could climb in the trucks and drive away.
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