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BUG Sevopedia screen: Wonder units / heroes 2016-10-05

BUG Sevopedia screen: Wonder units / heroes

  1. The_J
    ATTENTION: This component does not run alone, it needs to be merged with BUG before.
    It was created for BUG 4.0.

    The BUG mod includes an adjusted version of the Sevopedia, to display lots of info, and new screens can be added. While this can be very messy, and sometimes very special, there was a request for 1 category by more than 1 person, so I decided to upload that.
    The download includes all necessary adjustments to add a separate category for "wonder units" or "heroes", which means for units which you can only build once for the whole game.

    The download includes 2 files:
    - SevoPediaMain.py . That file includes 8 adjustments, all marked with "world units" and my name. At one place you have to comment out 2 lines, this is also marked with my name.
    - SevoScreenEnums.py . There's 1 added entry, and all other entries had to be adjusted, because this file is basically just a list of all the screens. Since I've inserted my new page in the middle (after the normal units), all other numbers had to be adjusted (all just +1). If you have other additional pages in your custom mod, you'll probably have to adjust all the numbers again.

    Please ask questions in this thread.
    The new sevopedia page was originally requested by dacubz, and now uploaded due to the requests of Voyhkah and Dancing Hoskuld.

    The screenshot which you see displayed for this component is just a test screenshot, where I've set the 3 displayed units to a max. world instance of 1.


    1. worldunits_P4m.jpg