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Builder Mod v1.0

Builder cheaper, more charges, can build roads

  1. 12monkeys
    This mod is for all who misses the worker from CivV.

    What it does:
    - Builder is cheaper (base cost 35 instead of 50)
    - Builder has more build charges (10 instead of 2)
    - Builder can build roads, which will consume a build charge.

    How to adapt BUILDER changes:
    You can modify the base costs and the build charges in the file BUILDER.SQL (just open it, it is selfexplaining I guess)

    CivVI allows onyl ONE unit type to be capable of building roads. So you have the choice!
    If you prefer to use the Military Engineer, just remove the BUILDER.XML file (or rename it), and delete (or comment) the second line from BUILDER.SQL file.