Buildings: Garden and Monument Overhaul (v 12) 2016-10-05

Buildings: Garden and Monument Overhaul (v 12)

  1. isnorden
    Radically changes the Garden and Monument "buildings" (including the Hanging Garden of Babylon); also adds a new national wonder, the Veterans' Memorial.


    * Gardens become available after researching the Calendar. Rather than improving the odds of spawning Great People, Gardens now generate +1 Food and +1 Culture per turn. (Both yields double after the player has researched Fertilizer.) Gardens also raise local Happiness by 1.

    * Monuments become available after researching Masonry. They now require 80 Production to build, and cannot normally be acquired for free (unless the player chooses the right Social Policies). Besides their +2 Culture bonus, however, Monuments also add +10% to the local chance of spawning Great People.

    * The Hanging Garden still acts as a free Garden in the city where it is built, and still requires a local fresh-water source. Although this wonder no longer provides any specialist slots, it does increase a city's Food and Culture by 10% each. It also grows +3 Food per turn, which doubles after researching Fertilizer. In addition, the Hanging Garden improves overall Happiness by +3.

    * The Veterans' Memorial is a new national wonder, which becomes available after researching Military Science. Its historical value improves Culture by +3 per turn; but the martial inspiration behind this wonder also raises a city's chances of spawning Great Generals.



    * Corrected an error which kept artwork from loading.



    * Although it isn't strictly necessary, I recommend using WHoward69's mod "UI - National Wonders Splash Screens" along with this one.



    * This mod requires the Gods and Kings expansion; it should also work normally with Brave New World. I have no plans to release a Vanilla edition.