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Buttons For Dacubz145's Wonders Part 1 2016-10-05

Buttons For Dacubz145's Wonders Part 1

  1. dacubz145
    Here are buttons for some of my wonders

    buttons for:
    Spoiler :
    Bell Rock Lighthouse
    The parthenon
    U.S. Air Force Memorial
    Aon Center
    Chrysler Building
    Kingdom Centre
    Osaka Science Museum
    Space Needle
    Petronas Towers
    London Eye
    Angel of the North
    Tomb of the Unknowns
    Top Thrill Dragster
    Ak Orda
    Beijing National Aquatics Center
    Cleopatra's Needle
    Pyramid of Djoser
    Floralis Generica
    Giant Cross
    Pyramid of Giza
    The motherland Calls
    Palacio do Planalto
    Pyramid of Menkaure
    Fisherman's Wharf
    Modern Stonehenge
    Lupu Bridge
    Shanghai World Financial Center
    Shanghai Grand Theatre
    China Pavilion
    Radisson New World Hotel
    Russo-Chinese Bank Building
    Ferrari World


    All were made by myself, except for merlion was borrowed from platyping


    1. buttons_ys1.jpg