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[BXP] Native Civs Pack - Lite 2016-10-05

[BXP] Native Civs Pack - Lite

  1. NikNaks
    Annoyed about the fact that Native America got bundled into one? Thought the Totem Pole was inappropriate? Then I give you:

    Native Civs Pack for BXP - Thread
    Requires BAT 3.0.1
    Screenshots in the thread

    Replaces the Native American Civ with the Sioux Empire, and adds the Iroquois nation. The Iroquois come with a 3D leaderhead, UU and UB, and a diverse unit artstyle.

    Full Change List:
    UB: Chief's Hut - Same bonuses as Totem Pole
    UU and leader are unchanged

    Start with Fishing + Agriculture
    UU: Brave - Replaces archer - Free Blitz promotion and 25% Forest Attack bonus
    UB: Longhouse - Replaces barracks - 5% of food kept after growth and free Woodsman I Promotion for all units
    LH: Hiawatha - Agg, Spi

    Additionally, you will soon be able to add two extra native civs in the "Full" version:

    Start with Agriculture and Hunting
    UU: Atl-Atl - Replaces scout - +1 Strength, can attack but animal bonus reduced to 25%
    UB: Medicine Hut - Replaces granary - adds a small health and culture boost
    LH: Ostenaco - Spi, Org

    Start with Fishing and Hunting
    UU: Querechos - Replaces musketman - +25% city attack
    UB: Hogan - Replaces library - -10% maintenance
    LH: Cochise - Agg, Phi
    LH: Geronimo - Phi, Spi

    As always, comments, criticisms and bug reports are always welcome! :goodjob:

    Sword_Of_Geddon for the idea and some pedia entries
    avain for Varietas Delectat
    bernie14 for almost all of the flavor units (including the Querechos)
    mourndraken and Ekmek for the Hiawatha LH
    sepamu92 for the Atl-Atl
    Amra and Ekmek for the Ostenaco LH
    Ekmek for the Geronimo LH
    The Capo for the Cochise LH and Apache city list
    asioasioasio for the Buttonmaker
    gpshaw for various ideas

    Coming soon:
    Cherokee and Apache updates
    More leaders

    Visit the thread!