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[C3C] 31-Civ, No Corruption Earth Map 2016-10-05

[C3C] 31-Civ, No Corruption Earth Map

  1. Quintillus
    This map is a modification of the Earth (Huge).bic map that came with Civilization III. All 31 Conquests civilizations have been added, and they are spaced out such that all should be competitive. India, Byzantines, Zulu, America, Aztecs, and Inca will always start in their historical locations; the others are spread across the remaining locations.

    Corruption has also been set to 0% at all difficulty levels, for the purpose of having greater empires.

    Version 1.01 features these updates:
    *Courthouse removed (near useless on no corruption and AI was buiding lots of them)
    *Police Station reduced to 80 shields and 1 maintenance (still useful for anti-war-weariness but not corruption)
    *Forbidden Palace removed
    *Several barbarian camps especially close to start locations removed