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As ever all seems to work and we get useful new features.R18's unit limiting was on my wish list, now we have it.. Thank you.
worked as advertised and fixed the graphics bug so it is no longer necessary to rename libOSMesa.so.8 to get the graphics to work on linux installs
Mod of the century.
Huge, huge thank you for creating this and keep updating it, that's just so nice
Beyond what we ever hoped.
I've Played Civilization since the Original more than 30 years ago - OMG has it been THAT long? For some reason, I still like Civilization III better than the more modern sequels, although I was pretty thrilled with Civ IV and played it quite extensively. Nonetheless, Civ III just has all the right stuff. But now... I have just discovered your C3X release which modifies the actual EXE file and am just blown away. This has all of the features I've always wished for when playing those long drawn out marathon games! Civ III will now be my forever game. I'm only 10 years away from retirement - I think I now know what will be my major pastime! :D
Great new features again. The retreat functionality works like a charm. Now 3 movement units can escape from 2 movement units! Thanks Flintlock!
This just keeps getting better and better. Flintlock's done a great job of prioritizing the changes that yield the most modding possibilities. Thanks Flintlock!
The fixes in Release 11 are fantastic. I've been wanting to limit construction of units based on city improvements since I first played this game nearly 20 years ago. Thanks.
The new by-scenario settings are an absolute game-changer. This allows modders/scenario makers to create unique settings such as min city distance and unit/building 'perfumes' that are specific to their mods. Amazing as always, great work Flintlock!
Absolutely epic, the best thing for Civ3 since its release.
It is less then 1MB to download, but the impact on the game is HUGE. OMG. Thank you so much. All the wasted years micro clicking bombers...
Just AMAZING. Saves you lot of time, the game gets quicker and you can stay more focus for a longer time.
I just registered on this website to make sure this Mod is highlithed on this awesome page and gets its reward granted.
Invaluable resource that fixes a lot of issues and opens up new possibilities.
Phenomenal work. Outstanding additions and it just keeps getting better.
Each update gets more and more fleshed out with options. Especially love the the AI preference displays for units and places to settle, and the important fixes that have helped with Tides of Crimson. Thanks Flintlock for always coming up with something new and innovative to make Civ 3 a better game!
Cool. Does this mod remove city limit? I remember playing a huge map with 31/32 civs and I couldn't build a city. The game returns pop up that no more than 512 cities can be built.
There is already a mod for that but I don't know if it works with C3X
C3X doesn't remove the city limit. Removing that limit is not easy since it requires enlarging a table inside the program that stores city connection info, and enlarging that table requires moving it, and moving it requires changing all references to it to its new location. As far as I know all no city limit patches floating around don't do this and as a result cause the game to crash beyond a certain number of cities. I've been thinking about doing a proper job of NCL since I started work on C3X but I haven't gotten around to it yet.
Better and better with every release. Thumbs up, Flintlock!
So much which had been hoped for, and then some!
Your Mod brought another level of gameplay to Civ3. It's just amazing! It's a pleasure to see the AI move with the armies and the artillery pieces advancing. Thank you so much for sharing the entire civ community the fruit of your talent.
Superb. Latest updates on AI artillery use and leader/army have been something a lot of players have been waiting for, for a very long time. This is magical and helps keep this game feeling fresh. Keep up the great work!
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