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This update fixes an oversight that was preventing the descriptive unit menu text feature from working on the Steam version of the game.
New in this version:
- Unit limits
- Expand AI two-city start to any number of cities
--- Config option has been renamed to ai_multi_city_start
- AI's starter cities in multi-city start can begin with improvements, inc. "extra palaces" which respawn like the real palace
- Right-click menu enhancements
--- Place icons next to units showing movement and combat status
--- Replace Wake/Activate with descriptions of what the units are doing
--- Gray out units if they have no remaining moves
--- Stop grouping automated and non-automated workers
- Can set multiplier on AI research rate (replaces halve_ai_research_rate)
- Option to allow upgrades in any city
- Option to stop the map generator from placing volcanos
- Apply GridOn setting from conquests.ini after loading a save
- Fix crashes and strange behavior caused by use-after-free bug in config loader
- Fix resource generation not always updated after an input was gained or lost due to city improv change
- Rework some code related to resource generation and trade to improve stability and efficiency
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This small update fixes a nasty little bug in the config loader affecting the perfume specs option. The bug can cause various issues including crashes and config loading not working as it's supposed to.
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New in this version:
- Optimize computation of trade networks
--- For details, see the info text file in the Trade Net X folder
- Civ and leader names can vary by era
- Option to measure turn times
- Zone of control changes
--- Allow land-to-sea and sea-to-land attacks, only using bombard stat
--- May be lethal
--- May be exerted by air units
--- Show attack animation even when attacker is not at the top of its stack
- Defensive bombard changes
--- May be lethal
--- May be performed by air units
--- Invisible, undetected units may be made immune
--- May be performed multiple times per turn with blitz
--- Naval units in a city may perform defensive bombard vs land attackers
- Enable resource generating buildings to add the resource's yields to their city
- Display icons for generated resources on top of the generating building
- Allow precision strikes to target tile improvements
- Option not to end a unit's turn after it bombards a barricade
- Fix freezes caused by undisembarkable escorting unit
--- Covered by the disembark immobile bug fix option, which has been renamed
- Fix graphical issues when running on Wine
- Option to allow defensive retreat on water tiles
- Can increase unit maintenance costs based on their build costs
- Adjustable AI worker requirement
- Option to stop AI from escorting units without the "requires escort" flag
- Fix a rare edge case where stack bombard would continue attacking an empty tile
- Option to pack the list of luxuries more tightly into the box on the city screen
- Apply perfume to all unit types & buildings with the specified name
--- Fixes perfume only applying to one sub-type when a unit type has multiple AI strategies
- Option to allow airdrops without airports
- Fix max_ai_naval_escorts setting interfering with group movement of naval units belonging to human players
- Option to allow bombardment of other improvements on a tile with an occupied airfield
- Option to boost OCN increase from forbidden palaces in non-communal governments
- Fix modified sea retreat rules interfering with naval combat animations
- Overhaul implementation of shared visibility for simplicity and correctness
- Fix possible freeze when a trade deal is broken for a resource that's an input to a resource generating building
- Display total city count (disabled by default, appears on demographics screen)
- Allow list items to be placed on separate lines for perfume_specs and buildings_generating_resources
- Improve accuracy of line numbers on error messages
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New in this version:
- Barbarian city capture & production (experimental)
- Option to share visibility among all human players in a hotseat game
- Can use charm flag to control PTW-like artillery targeting
- Option to allow land units to bombard aircraft and naval units in cities
- Option to ignore king flag on defense, so kings aren't always last to defend in a stack
- Limit AI artillery units to one escort (w/ offensive artillery AI)
- Harbor/airport city icons indicate unit effects not trade abilities
- Separate land & sea retreat rules
- Fix incorrect ETAs in go-to mode when railroad movement is limited
- Can limit the number of escorts the AI assigns to its naval transports and carriers
- Fix barbarian diagonal bug
- Fix cached building maintenance amounts not being updated when buildings are obsoleted
- Optimize improvement loops
- Option to show untradable techs on trade screen
- Disallow useless bombard attacks vs airfields
- Option to remove Elvis Easter egg
- Gray out build city button when too close to another city and min separation has been increased
- Mitigate issue with pathfinding, limited railroad movement, and units with many moves
--- Mitigation applies if GCD(road movement rate, railroad limit) > 1
- Fix freeze related to trespassing restriction and AI disembarking
- Rework sub bug fix in order not to interfere with AI pathing vs enemy units
- Re-enable main GUI before showing hotseat AI replay
- Prevent music from being reset during hotseat AI replay
- Make config options more intuitive: anarchy length reduction, minimum city separation, AI naval escort cap
- Load mod button images from scenario folder if present
- Update UI after stack bombarding (fixes bombard button not disappearing for multi-move units w/o blitz)
- Fix potential trade net issue in games with a very large number of tiles and resource generating buildings
- Reduce default ai_build_artillery_ratio from 20 to 16
- Match only complete names from config
- Improve config read error messages
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New in this version:
- Option to replay AI moves for human players in hotseat mode
- Enable stealth attacks via bombardment
- Artillery can be set to use PTW-like targeting against cities
- Recon missions can be made vulnerable to interception
- Option to charge one move for recon missions and interception
- Allow players to opt out of stealth attacks
- Polish precision striking by land or sea units
--- Use regular bombard animation instead of flying animation
--- Use bombard range instead of operational range
--- Cannot be intercepted
- Message appears after bomber dodges interception by air defense buildings
- Restore unit directions on game load
- Option to immunize aircraft against bombardment
- Disallow stealth attack against single unit by default
--- Fixes a compatibility issue with the EFZI mod
- L key unloads unit over activating AI city loc highlighter
- Show AI strategy in production ranking for unit types with multiple strategies
- Tweak messages on bankruptcy popups
New in this version:
- Automatically cut research spending to avoid bankruptcy
- Option to aggressively penalize bankrupt players
--- Sells non-gold-generating buildings, non-free units, and switches city production to Wealth
- Remove pause for "we love the king" messages
- Holding shift while a stack bombard is going will temporarily turn off combat animations
- Fix units could trespass by attacking an enemy unit across a restricted border
- Widen C3X error, info, and warning popups
- Warn if two-city start contains adjacent cities or missing FP cities
- Gold amount autofill activates when editing an amount on the table
- Option to remove exception to tile penalty for city tiles with fresh water and Agri trait
- Suppress "maximum hypertext links exceeded" popup
- NoRaze restriction applies to the human player as well as AIs
- Civilopedia indicates when units go obsolete but cannot be upgraded
New in this version:
- AI two-city start
- Remove cap on turn limit
- Option to strengthen forbidden palace decorruption effect to match the palace's
- Option to allow military great leaders to hurry wonders
- Option to reduce AI research rate by half
- Resource generation from buildings can be set to ignore revealing tech
- Address some issues with text encoding
--- Includes fix for encoding error on Windows 8.1
- Apply building prereqs to all unit types with the same name
--- Fixes prereq sometimes not applying to AIs
New in this version:
- Support for the executable from PCGames.de
- Option to modify rules for retreat eligibility
- Automatically re-encode config file contents from UTF-8 to match Civ 3's internal encoding
- Accented Latin characters no longer separate words
- Fix crash when a building-generated resource triggers the advisor popup for first connection
- Fix workers in boats can do "extra" jobs (road-to, auto-irrigate, etc.) despite restriction
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New in this version:
- Buildings can generate resources
- Buildings can be set as prerequisites for unit production
- On the city screen, hold shift when clicking a specialist to switch to the previous type
- Can cancel out pop pollution with negative pollution amount on building flagged as removing pop pollution
- Disallow workers from improving water tiles
- Exempt invisible and hidden nationality units from trespassing restriction
- Do not group units with differing charm statuses
Fixes a crash caused by the patch for the phantom resource bug
New in this version:
- Scenario-specific mod configurations
- Mod info button
- Better logic for grouping units on right click menu
- Option to let units move after airdropping
- Fix phantom resource bug
- Fix air units losing a turn after being set to intercept
- L key loads unit over activating AI city loc highlighter
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New in this version:
- Perfume can be applied to multiple improvements or unit types
- Corruption can be completely removed with "OFF" government setting
- Press P in city screen to see AI point value for each available build
- Press L on map to see how desirable the AI finds each tile as a city location
- AI naval invasion forces can include artillery (with offensive artillery AI enabled)
- Option to disable worker automation
- Disallow land settlers from founding on water
- Warn in case perfume target doesn't match any unit or improvement name
- Fix tile coords replacing resource name in the info box on the Steam version
- Proper movement check for replacement army inclusion criteria
New in this version:
- Stack fortify, upgrade, and disband
- AI routine for "pop units" that may appear in mods
- Group units on right click menu
- Show coordinates and chopped status in tile info box
- Show golden age turns remaining
- Trespassing prevention (experimental)
- Land/sea intersections
- Adjustable anarchy length
- "Perfume" an improvement to make it more appealing to the AI
- No special king unit names in non-regicide games
- Stack worker commands apply across unit types
New in this version:
- Buttons on trade screen to quickly switch between civs
- Ask/offer gold popup autofills best amount
- Adjustable minimum city distance
Changes in this version:
- Add option to increase AI artillery and bomber production
- Allow AI to grab artillery escorts from city defenders so its arty can be used in the field
- Improve leader unit AI: fix bug allowing rush of any city build, prefer forming armies, select better rush targets
- Improve AI army inclusion criteria: exclude HN & defensive units, fix movement check
- Fix for immobile unit disembark crash
- Fix for for houseboat bug
- Set LAA bit when creating modded EXE
New in this version:
- Stack worker commands
- Skip repeated popups asking to replace a tile improvement
- Enable free improvements from small wonders
- Disorder warning recomputes city happiness before running its check
- Stack bombard won't interrupt interception or auto bombard missions
- Mod loads its labels from a file, for translatability
- Renamed script.txt to avoid confusion with base game files
This is a small update that fixes a problem with the city production details that I'm concerned might cause crashes.
- Detailed city production info
- Option to limit railroad movement
- Removed unit limit
- Altered scripts so they work when run as administrator.
- Bypassed era number check (not yet a real implementation of no era limit)
- Warning message instead of crash if config file is not found
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