Cambodian Civilization for VP 15

Adds the Cambodian Empire for use with the Community Balance Patch

  1. pineappledan
    Adds The Cambodian Empire for Vox Populi.
    More details can be found in the discussion thread
    • pineappledan Text, leader and civ icons
    • Sukritact: Design inspiration, Prasat and Tromeak icons
    • aa0905766k: 3D leader screen
    • Iska: Khmer map and Loading Screen
    • Janboruta: Artwork
    • Leugi: Tromeak Unit Model
    • Viregel: Text
    • Lastsword: Chivopol icon
    • Wolfdog: Dhomrey Unit model conversion
    • Civitar: Chivopol unit graphics
    • DJS Henninger: Prang graphics conversion
    • Asterix Rage: promotion icons
    • Firaxis/Geoff Knorr: Civ music themes

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