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Cambodian Civilization for VP

Cambodian Civilization for VP 17

Adds The Cambodian Empire for Vox Populi.
More details can be found in the discussion thread
  • pineappledan Text, leader and civ icons
  • Sukritact: Design inspiration, Prasat and Tromeak icons
  • aa0905766k: 3D leader screen
  • Iska: Khmer map and Loading Screen
  • Janboruta: Artwork
  • Leugi: Tromeak Unit Model
  • Viregel: Text
  • Lastsword: Chivopol icon
  • Wolfdog: Dhomrey Unit model conversion
  • Civitar: Chivopol unit graphics
  • DJS Henninger: Prang graphics conversion
  • Asterix Rage: promotion icons
  • Firaxis/Geoff Knorr: Civ music themes
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Latest updates

  1. dependencies change

    no longer requires dependencies that no longer exist
  2. compression issue

    compression issue
  3. lua fix

    fix for GEngineers being given to all civs
  4. compatibility and prasat rework

    Prasat - now gives production equal to 5% of global faith generation per turn - removed...
  5. lua fix

    UA Great Engineer lua fix
  6. 3.0 compatibility

    3.0 compatibility
  7. 2.7 compatibility

    2.7 compatibility Tromeak switched to the new hurry production formula Tromeak no longer adds...
  8. bugfix

    small sql bugfix
  9. Great Merge compatibility

    Great Merge compatibility
  10. Cambodia

    renamed from Khmer to Cambodia changed icon and colors

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