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CAMELOT! v.2 2016-10-05


  1. Azmorg
    Updated version of the first CAMELOT! New leaderheads, new buildings & wonders, new units, new tech tree, same game play. This is a streamlined edition, only 8 civs instead of 12. I think it plays better than the original. The goals are the same as before, find and return the Holy Grail to your capitol, or get yourself elected Bretwalda. The two victory conditions are Reverse Capture-The-Flag, or Diplomacy. So, come, build your Round Table, send out your knights, find the Grail and hold off the approaching darkness. Bring light to your kingdom and become part of the great legends, or succumb to the darkness and fade into oblivion. Come to CAMELOT!


    1. civ3complete_title_bkgrnd_C4U.jpg
    2. chalice_94d.jpg
    3. excalibur_UQY.jpg
    4. modern_q52.jpg
    5. science_ancient_7KP.jpg