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Caps Lock 0.9.5

Starting plot improvements

  1. BWS
    Caps Lock
    Starting plot improvements

    Caps Lock improves the rules for selecting starting locations. The game rates each potential starting plot for factors like distance from other civilizations, nearby luxury resources, and access to fresh water. The standard rules use an all-or-nothing system that can place civilizations too close together or stranded in arctic wasteland.

    The mod improves the plot scoring system so that bigger problems get a worse score, and multiple problems add up. For example, if a region is too close to another civilization, the standard rules consider every plot equally bad, but Caps Lock gives a better score to the plots that are farther away.

    Caps Lock:
    Chooses better starting plots
    Improves capital spacing
    Prevents arctic wasteland starts

    The Yet (not) Another Maps Pack mod provides its own starting plot rules and extra features, which will override Caps Lock if you enable both.

    A few people worked on fixing the starting position bugs in the Fall 2017 update. Special thanks to UglyBoy who took my early investigation results and created the first fix. See the Starting Plot Adjustments collection for his mod and other related work.

    Steam Workshop