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Caribbean City-States Pack 1.1

Adds 7 new Caribbean City-States to the game, including new Maritime City-States!

  1. kantorr
    Good day, Suzerains! Spice up your City-States action with 7 Caribbean City-States! These City-States support wonderful Yet (not) Another Maps Pack True Starting Locations, beautiful custom icons, and dashing wiki-based Civilopedia text! These City-States will appear randomly in all game modes that support normal City-States. Check the spoilers below for details on the new content or find them yourself in-game.

    This mod, and all other City-State Packs, require the New City-State Types mod.

    Spoiler :
    Havana, Cuba | Militaristic | Receive a free Builder upon completion of Encampments.
    Hôpital, Haiti | Maritime | Your naval units receive the Piraterie Côtière ability: +5 Combat Strength in shallow water
    Kingston, Jamaica | Trade | Commercial Hub districts get +2 Gold from adjacent Coast tiles.
    Port Royal, Jamaica | Maritime | Receive a free Privateer upon completion of Harbors after researching Castles.
    Nassau, Bahamas | Maritime | +3 sight range for Traders.
    Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic | Cultural | +1 Culture to coastal land tiles. Additional +1 Gold to coastal land tiles after researching Capitalism.
    Tortuga, Haiti | Maritime | Your naval melee units cannot be seen unless adjacent to an enemy unit.

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    This mod is in its beta release. Please report any crashes/bugs/misbehaviors in the comments or preferrably a message on Reddit. Also feel free, nay, obligated to leave your suggestions for current or future content.

    **I'm all for anyone using my code to learn how to mod. I don't need credits or anything, and you can straight copy and paste any code you find in my mods. After all, modding is just remixing Firaxis's code.**

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