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Carrion Crawler 2016-10-05

Carrion Crawler

  1. tom2050
    Carrion Crawler (unit conversion)

    The carrion crawler is a scavenger of subterranean areas, feeding primarily upon carrion. When such food becomes scarce, however, it will attack and kill living creatures.

    The crawler looks like a cross between a giant green cutworm and a cephalopod. Like so many other hybrid monsters, the carrion crawler may well be the result of genetic experimentation by a mad, evil wizard.

    Carrion crawlers are much-feared denizens of the underground world. They live in lairs, venturing out in search of carrion or food every few days. Some underground inhabitants such as goblins and trolls will make use of carrion crawlers by leaving the bodies of dead foes out in designated areas. This keeps the creatures at a good distance from their own homes and encourages them to "patrol" certain areas. Some orcs have been known to chain live prisoners near the lairs of these fearsome monsters.

    No Civ Colors.

    Unit32, Large and Small pcx, and Sound Files included. Is a Bioware/Interplay unit.

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