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Caves Of Ice - A Terrain Conversion for Civ BE 2016-10-05

Caves Of Ice - A Terrain Conversion for Civ BE

  1. HandyVac
    Makes all terrain types one step colder, adds Sea Ice to all coastlines, and replaces forests and marshes with Glaciers and Miasmic Frost.

    See forum thread for further details.

    v 12 - (the BERT update)
    updated LoadScreen.lua override to BERT version of that file.

    Changed wording of "extra food from meltwater" perk description, since map tooltips no longer display the presence of fresh water.

    Added ice-crossing promotions to new BERT units

    v 13
    Renamed and altered yields of several terrain types, along with new pedia descriptions for them:
    - Grassland is now called Scrubland (yields 2 food)
    - Plains are now called Tundra (yields 1 prod, 1 food)
    - Tundra is now called Permafrost (yields 1 production)
    - Snow is now called Ice Sheet (yields nothing)
    - Rivers are now called Meltwater (adds 1 food to adjacent tiles)
    - Lakes now yield 3 food, no energy
    - Ocean and Coastal yield no energy

    Renamed Cytonursery to Cryolab, along with new pedia description and quest descriptions.

    v 14
    Glaciers and Miasmic frost removed from all types of resources, not just expedition sites.

    Added Geyser Hypocaust Wonder

    Mass Digester now gives +1 Food from Permafrost

    Improvements may not be built in sea ice

    Explorers can enter Sea Ice from planetfall, just like naval units.

    Workers thaw glacier/frost more quickly once Photosystems is researched.

    Aquatic cities can be founded in ocean, to make up for them being unable to move into sea ice


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